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Matt, Craig, Dan, Emma & Sam's Hope4Mae Skydive page

Were skydiving to support Mae's postoptherapy fund for Tree of Hope because every little makes a massive difference!!

29 %
raised of £1,000 target
by 24 supporters
  • Event: Hope4Mae Skydive, 31 Aug 2014

Tree of Hope

We offer hope to families to transform the lives of sick children

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This is where just a few minutes of your time could really help towards changing the rest of Mae's life - Turning dreams into reality!!....please read....

The Event: We (Matt Broadbent, Craig Broadbent, Dan Preece, Emma Sanderson and Sam Moore) have signed up to a Skydive @ Hibaldstow on 31st August 2014 for this fantastic cause and need your help. The Skydive is from 15,000 ft - reaching terminal velocity at 120 mph!!!!....

And so now your probably thinking that were crazy and why would we want to do this,  Well .....

Mae- She always has a smile even though her days are ten times harder than mine. This is why we are doing a Skydive at Hibaldstow 31st August 2014 to help raise enough cash in order to give her a fair shot and to carry on and inspire whoever she comes into contact with....

   Mae was born on 10th May 2009, after a complicated delivery. Mae was almost 7 weeks premature weighing just 4Ib 11oz. Mae spent the first few weeks of her life in Doncaster 's Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit.

Mae's parents recognised problems in her development before they were apparent to professionals. She was then assessed by the paediatric team. She was referred to an ophthalmologist where Mae's parents gave details of her birth history. Mae was diagnosed with delayed visual maturation and a divergent squint. Her Doctor also requested that she should have an Mri scan on her brain just after her 1st birthday.

An Mri scan was performed on 05.07.2010. Results followed showing injury to her brain. Mae was then diagnosed as having Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. So lots of intervention was put into place. Mae attended our local hospital weekly for 2 1/2 years and a specialised nursery weekly too. She had a great start in helping her to reach her potential.

Mae has made fantastic progress and persists to amaze those close to her always with such determination. She tries so hard to work against her condition but no matter how hard she tries she cannot stand or walk independently. Mae has difficulty moving her legs and problems with her posture due to bad signals from her brain to her muscles. In addition, the spasticity (tightness) in her legs causes lots of pain and discomfort, this will worsen as she grows. Mae would love to be able to do the things that most others take for granted. She would love the chance to ride a bike or perhaps a scooter, to bounce on the trampoline with her friends (which she has done in her wheelchair before now), to run into the garden with her brothers whilst her Dad is at work and her Mum prepares food and play/kick a ball instead of having to sit by the door. She would also love to be able to dance to music without the discomfort of burning her knees on the floor. Mae goes through life with her infectious smile (As Great Grandma says '' A smile that lights up the room''). It would be Mae's ultimate dream to stand and walk independently.

 Please take a moment to watch Mae's video:

Now there is hope: Mae was accepted for a life changing operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy on 28th January 2014 at St Louis children’s hospital Missouri by Dr T s Park who has been doing this specialised procedure for more than 25 years and has operated on more than 2,000 children from 43 countries. Dr Park holds a 100% success rate. The surgery has already permanently reduced Mae's abnormal muscle tone. Her sitting and standing postures are also said to improve as will her balance, endurance and levels of comfort. The operation and lots of intensive post op therapy will help her significantly and have a great impact on her quality of life. Mae will be able to walk with a walker and crutches. It is thought that in time Mae could take some unaided steps for short periods. This really would be a dream come true! It is likely that Mae will require Hamstring surgery to feather her hamstrings which will enable them to stretch much further. For this Mae will need to return to the US.

Hope4MaeFundraising Targets: The Funds raised will be used for Post op Physiotherapy and eqiuipment

Medical equipment and post op therapy inc crutches,canes and orthotic needs (Knee immobiliser, AFO'S - £750.00 per pair, SMO'S - £750.00 per pair). Mae's orthotic needs are likely to be for a number of years following SDR surgery. In addition Mae will also need Intensive physiotherapy. Physiotherapy will play the most significant part in helping Mae to reach her goals. Spasticity is highly if not totally reduced by SDR surgery which unmasks the actual bodies weakness. It can take four weeks for a child post SDR to get to the stage they were at pre op and longer still for their endurance to return. It can take two-three years for the full benefits of SDR surgery to become apparent. Private physiotherapy home visits are £75.00 per hour which Mae requires on a weekly basis. Mae also attends the 'Footsteps' intensive physiotherapy centre which is £1550.00 per 3 wk course (£900 travel costs 30 journeys of 156 miles from Doncaster to Oxfordshire) Mae will also require an amount of strength and conditioning to assist her muscle build up at Mp Fitness or SDR Fitness Wales.

 Can you help us to help Mae and turn her dreams into reality.....Anything you can give will greatly help in funding Mae's aftercare, and help to give her a better future!

“They say the smallest steps make the longest journeys”

(please state who you are sponsoring in the comments box of the process, cos we all have an individual target.. thanks)