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Team Alzheimer Scotland (Alex) Knockhill Super Lap Scotland

Fundraising for Alzheimer Scotland

87 %
raised of £10,000 target
by 51 supporters

Alzheimer Scotland

We support people with dementia in Scotland to make sure nobody faces dementia alone

Charity Registration No. SC022315


Driving Down Dementia Campaign

Dementia is a horrible illness. Most of you will know of someone
affected and some of you may have been personally impacted. I have experienced the very, very severe life destroying effects as sadly, my wife and I are living with dementia.

I do not intend dwelling on our problems as this campaign
is not about us.

My experience as husband and carer has been challenging
enough to give me great concern about the detrimental impact on families and indeed businesses.

I am affected to the extent that I must do as much as I can to contribute to a world for my sons and grandsons where all forms of dementia are controlled and ultimately cured.

This must be done. As general health standards improve and people live longer sadly the incidence of dementia also

I am, therefore, running a campaign to raise funds for
Alzheimer Scotland throughout 2018. I am doing this by raising awareness and encouraging donations through my hobby of Motorsport.

I participate in an amateur sprint series at Knockhill Race Circuit called Superlap Scotland and intend advertising the charity on my car and providing a platform to assist the charity in offering an invaluable support service along with funding research projects.

Please be aware that none of your contributions will go
towards supporting my race car in any way. I will continue to do that

What I am asking for is simply your attention, a small
amount of your time and as much money as you can spare for this worthy cause.

This campaign is not for the benefit of my wife or myself.
It is all about helping to contribute towards a better future for you, your
family and all future generations.

Please trust me and my experience of dealing with this

illness. Ignoring dementia and
its increasing incidence is not an option. Choosing how much to invest in eliminating the illness and protecting future generations is.

Thanks for your attention.

Alex Milne

Alzheimer Scotland

There are currently over 93,000 people living with Dementia
in Scotland

This is set to double in a generation, and by the year 2020
it is estimated that over 1 million people will be living the UK with the

Dementia can affect every area of human thinking, feeling
and behaviour.

How the illness affects someone depends on which area of
their brain is damaged.

A diagnosis of dementia not only affects the individual,
but also the family and friends of that individual.

Family members often become carers, and this can put a
strain on all areas of life - socially, economically and emotionally.

Alzheimer Scotland is the leading dementia organisation in

We campaign for the rights of people with dementia and
their families and provide an extensive range of innovative and personalised
support services.

We want to remove the stigma surrounding dementia and make
sure that nobody goes through dementia alone.

A person with dementia can live a happy, fulfilling and
independent life – they just need a little support.

Everyday Alzheimer Scotland provides information, care and
support through a variety of services and activities, including:

Dementia Advisors – In every region in Scotland there are
dementia advisors.

They work with the person with dementia, their families and
their carers to help them live well with a diagnosis of dementia.

Dementia Advisors can work one on one with people and their
families, or in groups. We want them to be involved in the community.

To do this we have a range of activities on offer to people
with dementia and their families.

These include:

Dementia Cafes

Musical Minds Singing Groups

Football Reminiscing Groups

Dining Clubs

Bowling Clubs and much more!

Dementia Resource Centres – at Alzheimer Scotland we work
hard to make dementia a topic of conversation.

Dementia Resource Centre’s allow us to hold activities in
them, Day Care centres, and a drop-in service.

Dementia Helpline – This is a 24 hour helpline ran entirely
by volunteers. This is for
anyone who has a question about dementia.

Volunteers can provide information and emotional support. This helpline gets over 5,500 calls

It costs £120,000 a week to fund these services.

Please visit to get more information


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