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SRF Water Wells Ramadan 2014 Appeal

Fundraising for Seeking Reward Foundation (SRF)

99 %
raised of £6,000 target
by 47 supporters

Seeking Reward Foundation (SRF)

Seeking Reward Foundation solely works on Sadaqah Jariyah projects. Our aim is to provide you opportunities to be involved in deeds that will benefit you even after your death, inshaAllah. Our unique charity operates a 100% donation policy. So what's stopping you from seeking reward?

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UPDATE: Al-hamdulilah! Mozambique built. Rwanda built. Burundi built. Mozambique and Burundi videos uploaded. Visit Rwanda video coming soon, insha-Allah.

Seeking Reward Foundation (SRF) is giving you a unique opportunity to make a difference across Africa this Ramadhaan!


Mozambique - Rwanda - Burundi


SRF are raising £6000 to build 1 high capacity deep bore hole well in each of the countries above, insha-Allah.

Rwanda - complete

The water well will be built in Gikongoro in Southern province of Rwanda, insha-Allah.It is a very very poor area. There are majority Muslims in Gikongoro and they are very poor and have no water with constant outbreaks of ebola fever, cholera etc. This area has no access by roads therefore these people have been neglected. It is such a remote area that there are extra costs to transport the digging machinery to this village.  

We have been told that tears will flow if you were to see how the Gikongoro people live. Children are dying due to poverty. With the help of Allah, SRF aim to provide clean water for these neglected people. 

Muramvya District in the village regions of Gisase in the province of Bujumbura.These people are very very poor, one can cry from seeing the way people live in abject poverty with no basic needs of water and electricity.Water is so scarce to find even the dirty streams and rivers that you find in other communities are scarce here. People have to go miles and miles to get drinkable water. Women and children go through torture and abuse including gang rapes through long walks in forests and darkness just to fetch water. People die from all illnesses here because of lack of clean water. This region has a mix of christians and muslims. It has a population of about 13 thousand people.

Mozambique - complete
First we will be building a water well in Mozambique, insha-Allah. The well be built in Macuba village in the district of Macuba in the province of Zambezia. The people of this district are very poor and depend mostly on subsistence farming-hand to mouth. The area is very primitive and there are no roads [tarred roads] to major cities to sell their crops. Due to a lack of clean water people die of typhoid, malaria and all other water borne diseases. This also affects the children and as a result there is a high rate of infant deaths. To get access to clean water they have to walk distances and stay overnight to get drinking water. The situation is so bad that women and girls are forced into prostitution in exchange for clean water and food. 

Burundi details to follow, insha-Allah.

Why should you donate and tell others?

  1. Water wells are a form of Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing deeds). Every time someone drinks from these wells, you will be rewarded, even after you have passed away, insha-Allah!
  2. Water is the best form of charity to give on someone's behalf (see hadith below).
  3. Unlike hand pumps, deep bore hole wells last for many many years, which means more reward for you.
  4. As you may have seen from our previous water well projects, people have become Muslims as a result of the wells. 
  5. This project is 100% ZAKAT ELIGIBLE therefore you can donate your zakat towards this project.
  6. 100% Donation Policy. Every penny we receive from your donation will go towards establishing the wells. We take this policy, to the extent that even the transfer fees to send the money to Africa are covered by volunteers!
  7. Visit our YouTube channel to see the Water Wells we have completed so far:

Sa’d ibn ‘Ubada (radi allahu anhu) said: “Messenger of Allah! Umm Sa`d my mother died, what is the best charity (on her behalf)?” The Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasalam) replied: “Water.” So Sa’d dug a well and said: “This is for Umm Sa’d.” [Abu Dawud, al-Nasa'i, Ibn Majah, At-Tabaraanee, and Ahmad] 


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