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Fundraising for Unicef UK

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Unicef UK

We work to keep children worldwide safe from danger

Charity Registration No. 1072612 (England & Wales) and SC043677 (Scotland)


Stickaid 2008 Press Release

On Saturday July 19th this year, British vlogger "Myles Dyer" (AKA Blade376), will be attempting his third 24 hour live web cam chat, which will be broadcasted to the world to raise money for the commendable charity UNICEF.

“Stickaid 2008” will take place on July 19th between 9am PDT/5pm GMT, and July 20th at 9am PDT/5pm GMT @ http://www.stickam.com/blade376

The event will be taking place on a fast expanding website called ‘Stickam.com’, in which people can create an account and broadcast themselves through web cam. They do this in their own chat room in which they can interact with others locally, and from around the world.

This will be a repeat of last year’s highly successful event where the title of STICKAID was first used. Over 250,000 people witnessed the live chat over the 24 hours, with 850 people present during the final hour to watch him complete this challenge. The target was set higher than the debut year of £500 in 2006, with it being increased to £5000. Although this target was not met, £3,337 was still raised for UNICEF, and the 2008 target has been put to £10,000. Myles explains "The thing with targets is, once they are met, people tend to stop feeling a need to donate. Therefore by raising the target to £10,000 this year, I feel we will clear last years donation total; not only because of a higher target, but because this event is going to be different, bigger, and better!"

A year on, things have progressed for Myles and his vlogging he tells us. "Well between 2006 and 2007, I had learnt a lot about what the internet has to offer, and I had gained quite a lot of exposure. However between 2007 and now, it's been surreal. I've taken part in a huge diversity of projects from TV, to politics, to education, to healthcare, and it's really opened my eyes even more to the world we live in. You learn from experience, and I think I can take a lot from this and use it to make this year's event even more successful than the previous two combined."

Myles will not be launching the event live from either, with it being confirmed that STICKAID 2008 will take place in the Stickam.com HQ, Los Angeles, California. He also wants more participation to all those that share his passion. "Last year we tried a lot of new things, such as having video content creators making 5minute interval clips for each hour that a break took place. We obtained about 10 which was good, but this year we hope to get the full set of 24 clips! It would also be great if we could get the whole front page of Stickam.com covered with other members doing the 24hour chat as well from different parts of the world, but that's something I'm currently working on getting sorted".

Donations for UNICEF through this event can go to this website at http://www.justgiving.com/stickaid2008 but Myles explains that the charitable nature of the event understands that not everyone is able to donate money, but he urges people to still be a part of this event. Myles explains; “There are some people who are unable to donate for many reasons, and that doesn’t matter. By promoting the event, being in the chat room during the 24hour chat, or perhaps joining me in completing a 24hour chat at the same time, you are being a part of this, and assisting in assuring this event is successful.’’

Myles can be contacted prior to the event by email: if there are any comments or questions. His email is Myles@thewatchers.org - MAKE SURE THE SUBJECT IS "STICKAID2008", as many emails tend to end up in his junk mail!

This fundraising activity is in aid of UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, registered charity 1072612 and has not been organised by UNICEF itself. Any views or opinions expressed during this fundraising activity are not those of UNICEF, UNICEF international, staff or partnership organisations.


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