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Supporting Subhuti

Fundraising for Dhammaloka

44 %
raised of £20,000 target
by 53 supporters
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We fund Dhamma projects in India to help wisdom & compassion spread in India

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Welcome to our Justgiving page.

Subhuti has been working for the Dhamma for over 35 years, during most of that time he has received funds from central FWBO Institutions. However this is changing with his major sources of funding under pressure. After a long solitary in 2008 Subhuti feels more commited than ever to working to spread the Dhamma in the West and in India. To make this possible we need to raise more money.

Subhuti's depth of knowledge and experience within the institutions of the Movement means there are many ways in which he can contribute. Listed below are some fators and aspects of his work he'd like to take further:

* There is a huge opportunity presenting itself in India: interest in Dr Ambedkar is greater than at any time since his death. This interest when properly focused can flower into both social transformation and deep and authentic practice of the Dhamma. TBMSG is the principle active organisation in India that fully understands and acts upon both aspects of Dr Ambedkar's vision. Subhuti's depth of practice, grasp of principles, strategic thinking and keen understanding of Dr Ambedkar's thought make him a key player in our movement in India. Outside the Movement, he is an increasingly well known figure on the Indian Buddhist scene, and the connections he is building are important as we move outside the traditional circles of the TBMSG. His public talks and leadership of retreats are leading thousands to consider the spiritual and other benefits flowing from their conversion.

* He still feels the potential for contributing to the cohesion and development of the Order and Movement in the West, in particular through leading seminars and training, especially through the Sangharakshita Library/Study Centre and Preceptors College.

* He has ordained 200 Order Members and is a kalyana mitra for them and many others. He would like to more actively maintain those relationships with those who wish too.

* There are a couple of books or more still in him. His Sangharakshita: A New Voice in the Buddhist Tradition is one of our best and most comprehensive guides to Bhante's teaching and will remain an invaluable source for our continuing enquiry into his translation of the Dharma for the West, which remains the fundamental basis of the Order.

In addition to the above he has taken on responsibility for the financial support of five Indian Dhammacharis. Until 10 years ago they were supported by Karuna, however following legal and institutional difficulties (in which they were innocent parties) Karuna could not continue. Subhuti therefore undertook to find their support from FWBO Centres in Britain and he feels obliged to sustain this. Some of these centres are facing difficult times and may have to stop their donations in 2010. All of these men are involved in central Indian institutions: Dhammakranti, TBMSG Pune, Order Convening Team, Tiratna Institute and the Men's Ordination Team.

So, what do we need? With £20,000 per annum we could: guarantee Subhuti's ability to continue making visits to India, support his Dhamma work in the UK, support his secretary (me!), and contribute to the support of 5 Indian Order members.

What are we asking for? We hope that you will feel inspired to set-up a monthly standing order, information found by using the link below in your browser-

Standing orders bring continuity and allow us to plan our budget further in advance. Even a small monthly donation makes a difference. (If you choose to do so it is better to do it direct rather than through Justgiving, saves charges and administration.) If you would prefer to make a one-off donation (or as well!) Then please make use of this website and click 'Donate now'.

If you would like more information you can read a longer letter by copying the followinglink into your browser-

I very much hope you will be inspired to support Subhuti and through him contribute to our work in India. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on;

With Metta,


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