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The Cleaver Chasers

We are fundraising for Giving Works- Women V Cancer- Cycle Milan to Venice because we wish to help a wonderful cause.

109 %
raised of £7,200 target
by 67 supporters
  • Team members: Zoe Tilbury, Sarah Cleaver and Helen Helliwell.
  • Event: Cycle Milan to Venice 10 - 14 October 2019, 10 Oct 2019

Giving Works- Women V Cancer- Cycle Milan to Venice

Women V Cancer is a series of women-only cycle challenges in aid of three British charities – Breast Cancer Care, (RCN: 1017658), Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust (RCN: 113354/SCO41236) and Ovarian Cancer Action (RCN: 1109743) – raising vital funds to fight breast, cervical and ovarian cancers. The donations you make to Women V Cancer will be distributed equally between them. The Cycle Challenges are organised and managed by Dream Challenges – Women V Cancer is established under GivingWorks, a charitable trust registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales under number 1078770. The funds raised here are restricted to use for the Women V Cancer purpose and will not be used by GivingWorks for any other purpose or as part of GivingWorks’ general unrestricted funds.

Charity Registration No. 1078770


The Cleaver chasers consists of Susan Cleaver, Zoë Tilbury, Sarah Cleaver and Helen Helliwell. We are all part of Cleaver Property Management which is a small family run business.

Zoë Tilbury's story: 
Cancer. A horrible, scary word that affects so many lives. We all know someone who has either beat it, is currently going through it or who has sadly lost their life to it. I have chosen to take part in this challenge to hopefully make a difference and contribute to the ever evolving research which goes into curing this horrible disease. This is not going to be an easy challenge for any of us and will require a lot of training, some of it will be enjoyable and some of it not!!

Helen Helliwell's story:
I am so excited and also a little apprehensive about taking on this amazing challenge. I think we all know someone who been affected by cancer and, yes, whilst some stories are full of hope for the future, others are full of pain and sorrow for a loved one that has been lost to this horrible disease. I have personally watched friends and loved ones who have been affected by cancer. Some have very positive stories to tell but there are also some very sad stories about lives that have been cut short too soon. I feel very strongly that I would like to contribute to the amazing research and treatment which is constantly evolving and one small way that I can do this is to take part in this challenge. I really hope that the funds we raise will make a difference to peoples’ lives and give hope for the future. This is not going to be an easy challenge for any of us. None of us are regular cyclists. We have months of training and some very sore bottoms ahead of us.

Susan Cleaver's story:
The answer is simple, Cancer, in its many shapes & forms still exists & all of us know someone who is currently affected by this cruel disease.

I would like to share with you one person’s courageous , continuous battle against Cancer. This person have given me her permission to tell her story, when I asked her if I could share her journey with Cancer Sue P’s immediate response was “oh goodness, I feel so humbled & honoured by this. Yes, I am happy for you to share my journey if it will help others to understand Cancer & help raise awareness & funding to make a difference to people’s lives & hopes”.

I have known Sue P since childhood, our Mums used to live along the road from each other & Sue P’s Mum used to be an agent for Tupperware - my Mum used to collect Tupperware in all its glorious colours & sizes! Throughout the years we have delved into each other’s lives & through the wonders of social media caught up with one another earlier last year.

Sue P married Brian in 2015, a month after their wedding, Sue P discovered a small lump in her right breast. Sue P immediately visited her GP who sent her for a mammogram, breast cancer was discovered. Thankfully Sue P checked her breasts often so the Cancer was caught early & Sue P was told the Cancer was curable. Chemotherapy was hard (feeling tired, vomiting, hair loss) but according to Sue P “doable”. A year later Sue P was given her “one year clear”.

In September 2017 whist Sue P was at work, she felt dizzy & disoriented, suffering double vision. Sue P’s GP send her for a CT scan & Sue P went back the very next day for the results. On entering the Consultants room, a Macmillan Nurse was in the room with her Consultant, Sue P knew that the Cancer had returned. This time Sue P was diagnosed with Terminal Stage 4 Secondary Bone Cancer. The Cancer is in Sue P’s pelvis, spine & skull bones.

Sue P’s family & friends have urged Sue P to start a blog on her many challenges with Cancer, here are a few insights into Sue P’s daily life :-

“Excuse my Buddha Belly, continuous steroids have ruined me. I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 22 in 5 months!”
“Mobility isn’t great at the moment, I can only stand/walk about for 2/3 minutes at a time but my Supervision Skills are amazing!”
“Thank you to family & friends alike for their love & support during an extremely tough year for us. We have tried to keep our chins up & stay positive but we have had our down days too. 2018 has been a roller-coaster of experiences but we have made it to the end of 2018 and come out smiling”
“”Sue P’s life song “stayin alive” by the Bee Gees”
“Suspected heart attack turned out to be an angina attack, I’m just so happy to be allowed home!”
“Morning everyone, for the first time in a long time I’ve woken up feeling reasonably human despite stopping breathing momentarily during a seizure in the night!”
“Six stupid seizures in one day, I’ve managed to crack so many ribs, twisted muscles & convinced myself that Harry (cat) is a dog & even woofed at him!”
“So told the medics again that if I take any form of liquid meds I vomit them straight back up again, even with anti-sickness tablets/injections. This is not good as anyone who knows me well I have a serious fear of vomit/being sick & will literally pass out – good luck to the medic(s) picking my fat ass up off the floor!”
“I don’t remember the GP leaving, apparently I was sound asleep & happily snoring away sounding like a bad version of Beethoven’s 5th when GP did leave – just remember peeps, no matter who bad it seems, there’s always something to smile about if you just look for it”
“Knickers to chest pain – another angina attack”

Sue P is currently awaiting her results from her recent CT scan with contrast on her pelvis and abdomen, plus an MRI scan on her skull bones to check how the Cancerous tumours are doing.

On Social Media, Sue P is frank, brutally honest & funny talking about her current diagnosis. I have never met a more courageous, funny & loving person than Sue P – I don’t need any other reason for taking part in this cycle challenge, please, please dig as deep as you can to support me & my fellow Cleaver Chasers to raise the much needed funds to help eradicate all forms of Cancer, thank you.

Sarah Cleaver's story:
I have taken on this challenge to stick my middle finger up to Cancer, a disease that affects so many people. My personal experience with this is losing my Grandmother to Breast Cancer. Although this is a huge challenge for me, it will be nothing compared to the challenges faced by cancer patients. My hope is that we will raise not only money but also awareness for this worthwhile charity. We would be extremely grateful if you could dig deep and show your support.

We wanted to be part of dream challenges cycle from Milan to Venice. The 3 day journey will allow the team to raise money for Women V Cancer, they will support the work of three other charities such as Breast Cancer Care, Jo's Cervical cancer trust and Ovarian Cancer Action. Each charity has a special place in each team members heart, we will be eternally grateful for any donation big or small to help us reach our goal.


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