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fund raising for The Christie because I am still alive

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We fund life-changing and life-saving work to support cancer patients at The Christie

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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page (please note links for BBC NWT clips, YouTube SusanWelch1Fund Campaign Video and Daily Mail Article at the end of my story) also follow me on twitter @SusanWelch1Fund


Simply, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2007, and in June 2010, the cancer metastasised and, as a result, I transferred from my local hospital to The Christie Hospital, Manchester, under the care of Dr Greg Wilson, a Consultant Medical Oncologist specialising in breast cancer. This hospital is the largest cancer centre in Europe and has been pioneering cancer research breakthroughs for over 100 years. I have had breast cancer in eight places in total i.e. breast, lymph nodes, both lungs, both liver lobes and spine and neck. I am currently in remission at present and hope to be for a long time.


The median life expectancy for metastatic (secondary) breast cancer is given academically as two years and nearly three years later, I am still here. In total, over the six years, I have had countless surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and anti-cancer drugs, as well as procedures to give me a better quality of life. I have lost my hair twice and have lymphoedema in my arm, as a result of breast cancer surgery.


Unilever, my employer, my work colleagues, friends and family have already supported me greatly in my journey, as has the care and dedication of my consultant medical oncologist, Dr Wilson and staff at “The Christie”. Also the bravery and skill of my consultant liver surgeon, Mr Sheen and staff at "BMI Alexandra Hospital". My Christian faith has also given me courage, beyond anything imaginable. This fundraising is an opportunity for me to help give something back, so I would very much appreciate any support that you can offer to The Christie Hospital Charity Trust. See below for more details.


My company has a saying “Small Actions – Big Difference”. Be a part of this, in life you never know what happens! I may be writing an update in the near future and asking for a revised target!


Yours most sincerely


Susan Welch


If possible, I would like to raise £150,000 for a research project into the investigation of the causes of arm lymphoedema, a common long term side effect of treatment for breast cancer. If it is possible to raise this much money, it could help to find effective ways to prevent or treat the problem. Amazingly, this is to me, apart from being not in remission, is the most distressing side effect to me and research into this condition, is very limited. It involves so much care and effort, forward planning, creative thinking, determination, in order to try to manage the condition. Sometimes this is not enough and pain and suffering occurs. Breast, Colon, CUP Fund CC 05101- Dr Wilson.


For my primary cancer treatment, I was looked after by “The Shooting Star” unit at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Thank you to all the staff there, as well as the Lymphoedema specialists who continue to treat me.

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