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Run for Love 3!

Fundraising for TRIBE Freedom Foundation
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Event: TRIBE Run for Love 3 - The Azores, from 24 November 2019 to 30 November 2019
We're on a mission to push our limits and run 280km in 6 days to fight modern slavery. Our goal is to raise £250,000 to help establish two new homes for survivors of modern slavery and trafficking.


The Cause:

The TRIBE Freedom Foundation is a registered charity established by the TRIBE community to raise funds to fight modern slavery and end human trafficking.

The aim for Run For Love 3 is to raise more than £250,000 to support victims of trafficking in the UK.

Please find more information on the TRIBE Freedom Foundation below. 

The Team:

Lisa Morman - the one to blame, when she signed up, the rest followed. Taking on the Ironman this year, she is never afraid of a challenge.

Kali Carter - take this Hackney resident and show her the countryside. She will be swapping those Friday night shots for those trail shoes.

Rachel Knight - not a stranger to the trails, Rachel has run a 100km race and a marathon in Sierra Leone. However, nothing compares to this multi-day challenge.

Maria McAlister - since moving down from Scotland, Maria has discovered and loves the running community and is always up for a challenge. Keen to experience the rugged countryside to remind her of home.

Charlie Fitton - with the number of her marathons completed in the double figures, Charlie is ready to take another step up and push herself further than ever before.

Jonny Freeman - the hype man bringing the energy. Off the back of a storming marathon run in Valencia, Jonny will swap the roads for the trails.

David Searle - here for the Tribe bars. Since doing an adventure run in January, David is keen to see different places through running and couldn't resist this Challenge for this Cause.

Eva Brockschmidt - the Queen of the Ultra. After an incredible podium position in her first ever ultra (this year), she is ready to increase training and a new multi-day challenge, whilst helping this great Cause. 


We started out as 8 (7 runners and 1 volunteer as Kali was injured). Apprehensive, excitable and very unsure what was in store for us over the course of the week. 

Day 1 - a marathon to start off with - it ended up being longer than stated (this was a theme of the week...) and not 42km but closer to 45km. The terrain was already very challenging. The end never seemed to come, but after some beautiful views and despite some hallucinations from some members of the gang... we all made it round to our camp.

Introduction to camp life was tough - dehydrated food, sleeping 6 to a tent and after putting in such long efforts on the run, even sorting out all your food seems like a step too far - but it has to be done.

Day 2 - blisters, niggles and that mental toughness all started to make an appearance. After a long harsh ascent to the top of the crater, we had epic views of the lake and island. Our day’s route still had a large amount of elevation. 35km turned into 38km and we all completed this stage in one piece, ish. This was the day we realised the importance of checkpoints - seeing Kali’s welcoming face and her hugs and treats lifted all our spirits. 

Day 3 - niggles became injuries - a very punishing day with extremely steep sections and runners having to slow their pace to manage injuries. Lisa’s ankle not only looked extremely painful but the cries of agony from the physio bed told their own story. Rachel’s ankles and knees, Maria’s blisters and feet were being taped, but there is only so much that can do. David’s knee was already swelling and things were looking tricky for most of our runners group at the halfway stage. Again a 35k turned into closer to 39k. Everyone got round. Kali gave us some extra treats above our dehydrated meals but no one really touched the beer - too scared at what was ahead.

Day 4 - alarms at 2:30am, leave camp at 4:30 to start the 80km day. The beginning of which was up to the highest point of the island in the rain and bog which would swallow you up close to your knee. This was deeply unpleasant. Eva’s Achilles immediately flared and this was the day we realised how crucial pain killers were to the successful completion of the challenge.  Jonny had been running strong all week and continued leading the pack (not just our runners but the ENTIRE group - Legends will be Legends). He finished well ahead of even the organisers expectations that the camera crew had to re-take him crossing the line... it’s not a race but 11 hours and 7 minutes on that over 3,000m elevation is just exceptional. Eva got home with a busted Achilles in a rapid time but that injury unfortunately meant that her own challenge was complete. Meanwhile Lisa, Maria, David and Rachel had stuck together at the start and separated into two groups (Rachel + David and Maria + Lisa) at checkpoint 2 (where Kali was on hand to give us that needed boost after a horrid morning). After starting in the pitch black, people were making the cut-off times at 50k - David and Rachel made it through and when Maria and Lisa made it through 50km with Lisa on frankly a busted ankle, she took the medical advice and stopped to avoid causing a stress fracture.  That was Lisa’s day finished and what a bold effort running for over a marathon on that injury. Maria continued and Charlie had been steadily and constantly clocking off the kms behind, was going to provide some company.  Darkness fell and runners had to get out their head torches out and follow the damned red flags marking the path descending and ascending on tricky trails which was mentally tough enough let alone getting lost. David and Rachel ran together from the start and brought it home at 9.15pm 16hours after beginning. At 9:30pm the weather turned again back to storm - wind and rain which was extremely punishing - with runners including Charlie and Maria still out on the course - everyone’s thoughts went out to them to get back safe. Kali had moved from checkpoint 2 to 8 and every time we saw her the lift and the buzz we received was just invaluable to push us on and get round safely. Cars were deployed to follow the remaining runners. Close to the end and after an extremely long day, Maria called it - an infected foot meant that unfortunately she was finished for the day - but with in excess of 70km pushing through the pain barrier and in horrific conditions her achievement is exceptional. Charlie plodded on - and whilst other runners were tucked up asleep she made it home. It was great to see everyone safe.  Longest day done.

Day 5 - only a Marathon? Easy? Never. Injuries had meant that Eva and Maria were unable to start on medical advice. Lisa and Rachel started with severe pain to even walk let alone run and a brutal stage was ahead. Jonny continued to set a lightning pace at the front of the pack.  We made it up the volcano for the final checkpoint. The finish was a viciously technical descent - think 2km straight down with slippery mud covered rocks which were “ankle breakers” as unfortunately one of the other runners found out first hand. Jonny got down in the light as did David exhausted and battered. Lisa, Rachel and Charlie were slogging out this long day but as they reached the top of the volcano, light had gone and this dangerous descent would have to be done in the dark. Lisa and Rachel were pulled from the course on safety grounds and with injuries that would not have allowed them to do that descent. Charlie again plowed through and finished a demanding day in the pitch black. Kali again had been at checkpoint 1 and 3 which although we repeat it - we can’t describe again how grateful we were to see her at each point. For a number of us this was the hardest day. 

Day 6 - final day - FINALLY. With all of us running (except Eva whose Achilles injury meant she couldn’t even put shoes on) we set off for the procession - Kali was passed fit and joined the gang. A half hasn’t felt so long but in stunning weather and views - we all made it round. We regrouped, huddled and a huge respect for each other and our fellow runners on what we had just accomplished. 

Returning to the hotel felt odd, we were back where we had started on day 1 and it was over. That evening we had a dinner with all the runners and crew. Out of over 100, Kali was won the Brownlee award - for helping people throughout the week - truly deserved as she not only helped our group but all those she didn't even know from the beginning. Jonny won Legend of the week for his fun, spirit-lifting and game bringing attitude. As a group we are all award winners and happy to complete. 

We did this to raise funds and awareness for the Tribe Freedom Foundation to help those less fortunate who are subjected to exploitation and slavery. Still in the UK, in 2019, there are over 100 victims of slavery - let’s end this and let’s end this now. Our physical injuries from this challenge will recover, we will be back to normal and will have stopped hobbling in a couple of weeks or months - but for the victims of trafficking and slavery, their suffering may never be truly healed. 

Thank you all for your donations and support - in the tough moments it pushed us to complete the challenge - to push past the pain barrier and to push our bodies to their limits. We would love it if you have a couple of coins or a note to drop us a donation or if you’re a legend - which we know you all are - another donation! 

Total distance over 270km with elevation over 11,000m. 

Thank you for your support. 

About the campaign

We're on a mission to push our limits and run 280km in 6 days to fight modern slavery. Our goal is to raise £250,000 to help establish two new homes for survivors of modern slavery and trafficking.

About the charity

Inspired by a 1,000 mile run to fight child trafficking. Our mission is to fight modern slavery and end trafficking. Funds raised are granted to inspiring projects: providing rehabilitation for victims; delivering solutions to help end modern slavery; raising awareness and increasing education.

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