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Team YOLO's VS. Tough Mudder - JustGiving Page

taking part in Tough Mudder for Tamil Aid because it's a Cause we care about and 'cos we're Tough

129 %
raised of £2,000 target
by 67 supporters
  • Team members: Janagan, Hari, Lux, Phil, Jena, Jathes, Hiren, Anish, James
  • Event: Tough Mudder 2013 - London North, 04 May 2013 to 05 May 2013

Tamil Aid

Tamil Aid is a small charity with an aim of relieving poverty and distress in the war and tsunami affected areas of Sri Lanka. We provide help to local charities, schools and care homes who look after children in Orphanages and for educational projects. Trustees and volunteers work free of charge.

Charity Registration No. 1108660


Thanks for taking the time to visit our JustGiving page.

Team YOLO consists of Janagan, Hari, Lux, Phil, Jena, Jathes, Hiren, Anish and James. 

We are raising money for the charity Tamil Aid. You may know that Sri Lanka was a country in Civil War for many years and was also further destroyed by the Tsunami of 2009.  Some parts in the North and East have been completely ravaged but are still home to many thousands of people who are forced to live in displacement camps. Tamil Aids' focus is on assisting, augmenting and facilitating all efforts targeting the relief of pain and suffering of individuals. They currently have projects like the Child Care Centre and Economic Welfare program in place; projects we hope to contribute towards by competing in Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder is widely known as one of the most gruelling events on the planet. Now I'm sure that those of you who know us well wouldn't have expected us to compete in something quite like this… but lo and behold here we are! We all really wanted to push ourselves in order for a great cause.That is why we would like to encourage everyone to really look deep in your heart (and pockets!) to make sure this group of guys are going through this mad experience for something worthwhile. It's for a really good cause and above all else it will help people living in dire conditions to have a better life and go towards building them a brighter future.

So please dig deep and donate now.

Thanks for all your support. :-)


If you really want to see the challenges we will be facing you can visit the Tough Mudder website to find out some of the details of what the team are putting ourselves through! (Electrocution, Lots of Mud, Freezing Water, PAIN!)


  • Trying to help kids like these
  • Horrible conditions
  • Pray for us! +4