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The10GrandCharityChallenge NYC 2010!

Fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

100 %
raised of £5,000 target
by 13 supporters
  • Team members: Lord Robin of the Shire, Sheena Young, Kate Murray
  • Event: ING New York City Marathon 2010, 07 Nov 2010

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

We help the hospital offer a better future to seriously ill children across the UK

Charity Registration No. 1160024




Update - 12.11.2010

Well there we go, my FOURTH New York City Marathon.  Medal in hand (right now JG.com won't let me upload the new picture, but its on my website).  I'm well on my way towards my target, but your support would be very much appreciated. The easy bit is over, helping this amazing charity is now the tough bit.  Let's do it together :)

I swore I would NOT return.  There would be no more pain, no more blisters.  No more cramped muscles and walking so like John Wayne the morning after that the man himself would be in awe of my efforts.  This was it.  Finito.

So, I signed up again.   The 40th anniversary of the New York City Marathon is apparently not the way to end my association with the event.  41 is such a more rounded number don't you think?  It has a touch of class to it does the no41 (well unless we're talking First Glasgow bus numbers!) so it seems just right to finish with this one.

So come the early morning of Sunday 7th November 2010, there I will be.  Lining up with the rest of the hopefuls in the shadow of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, ready to head through the five boroughs of that magical city.  Why?  It's simple.  To Help.

Foolishly running alongside me in NYC will be my better half, Sheena, to help raise even more money and a warm welcome to the newest member of TEAM BOB is Kate Murray who will be running in the Great Scottish Run in September to help raise more funds for my totals.  Thanks to both of you, and to those who come in to sponsor them as part of my fundraising.

I'm running this year in the colours of Great Ormond Street Hospital.  I don't think I need to say any more about them than that as the name itself is synonymous with excellent child health care.  If you need a reminder, click on the link to the left and see some truly awe inspiring stuff.  At mile 17 (where fatigue normally hits me like a brick, where the 1st Avenue stretches so far into the distance you can't see the end) then that's what will get me through.  The knowledge that by not finishing I would let down every one of those kids.  

So folks, here's where you do what you (hopefully) came to this page to do.  Click on the "Donate Now" button and help me closer to that £2500 target.  Every single pound makes a difference, every donation helps provide care for those kids who need it.  

I feel privileged to be able to travel the world, to see the sights I have seen and to live a healthy life.  It's something we all take for granted and I'll push myself through the pain barriers to help give someone else that chance.

You have my thanks, once you click on donate and see the percentage count climb that wee bit higher, I hope you get that amazing feeling inside, the one I get when I cross the line in Central Park.  That sheer amazement that once again, despite the battle, you have made a difference to someone else's life.

Thank You.  Each and every one of you is a star.

Robin x


UPDATE - 18.06.2010 - £1000 donated to GOSH :)  Thanks everyone!!

UPDATE - 13.07.2010 - £1000 donated to GOSH :D Thanks again everyone :) !!!!

UPDATE - 11.08.2010 -  £1000 donated to GOSH - thank you so much folks :)


(Please don't forget that JustGiving is the most secure way of donating money straight to the charity, they don't sell your details, they don't fudge your donation.  They provide the smoothest and most efficient way of getting money from you to the charity.  They also add Gift Aid of 28p in the £1 to your donation if you're a UK tax payer.  It won't cost you a penny more than your donation, but automatically increases its value by that 28%)


(Technical Stuff - GOSH have a refund system, which allows me to reclaim some of my costs for the event, should I reach specific targets, for me the target is £2500, this means that the event is even more cost effective, and allows total freedom in fundraising.  Please see their website for more information)


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