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10k - 5 runners - 1 amazing charity

Running the Virgin Sport Westminster 10k for Dyscover because this amazing charity needs your support

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  • Team members: James Smithson, Harriet Harfleet, Imogen Harfleet, Omar Daair & Naomi Heffernan
  • Event: Virgin Sport Westminster - British 10k, 09 Jul 2017


Dyscover is a charity providing long-term support and opportunities to people with aphasia and their families. People with aphasia have difficulty reading, writing and understanding what is being said. This disability is caused by a stroke, head injury or other illness.

Charity Registration No. 1099432


Dyscover is a charitable organisation providing support and guidance for individuals with aphasia and their families. James joined as a volunteer in late 2016 and, alongside gaining a wealth of invaluable experience, has had the opportunity to witness the phenomenal work done by the organisation and the immense benefit gained from the group members and their relatives .

What is aphasia?

Aphasia is a communication disorder which often occurs following a stroke. It primarily affects speech, comprehension, reading and writing but can affect some or all to varying degrees. The impact of a stroke alone can be devastating to both the individual and their loved ones, but the effects of aphasia can be frustrating, isolating and socially crippling. Imagine being able to fully articulate your thoughts in your head, but being unable to vocalise more than a few sounds or words.

What is Dyscover?

Dyscover provides long-term support and opportunities to people with aphasia and their families. The charity is led by trained and highly experienced Speech and Language Therapists who run a number of specifically designed groups for the members. Despite the organisation's incredible work, its professional structure and its role as a 'lifeline' to its attendees, Dyscover receives no statutory funding, relying on donations and highly competitive grants to survive, even though it's the only provision of its kind in the South East.

What are we doing?

To support its staff, volunteers and members, James, Harriet, Imogen, Omar and Naomi will be running the Virgin Sport Westminster 10k on July 9th for Dyscover. Although the group's running ability ranges from 'I'm not running, there'll be another bus in a minute' to 'Marathon? Just tell me where and when!', they're equally dedicated to completing this event in order to raise awareness of the charity and its cause.

How can you help?

Please dig deep and donate what you can to push them over the finish line and to help Dyscover continue to help those affected by aphasia. Once you've done that, please share this JustGiving page on Facebook, Twitter, via email and word of mouth; the greater the reach of this project, the better the benefit for Dyscover and its members. 


James, Harriet, Imogen, Omar & Naomi