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Theo and Daisy's LEJOG 2008

Fundraising for Laura Case Trust

155 %
raised of £2,000 target
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  • Team members: Theo & Daisy
  • Event: Lands End to John O Groats

Laura Case Trust

It provides grants for medical and educational purposes with an emphasis on Africa

Charity Registration No. 1119556


Wednesday 25th June 2008: 228 miles from Land's End! We've made it to Bath in 4 days. Having a lovely time and it HURTS! Keep the sponsorship rolling in!

Sunday 29th June 2008: A splendid 433 miles from LE and we're in Liverpool, a truly great moment when we crossed the Mersey. We've met some excellent people, are developing extraordinary tan lines, have bathed in blue skies and battled through fierce rains. Bring on the North of England...

Sunday 6th July 2008: An extraordinary 846 miles from the start and we're at Fort William. The thought of how far we've cycled makesĀ us feel a wee bit weary. Our legs now resemble the pistons of a train and we have the silliest tan (sunburn) lines that include half pink fingers from wearing cycling gloves. The end is so near we can almost smell it, but we still have the highlands to contend with and if today's headwind is anything to go by its not going to be an easy ride...

Thursday 10th July 2008: Yeeha! We've made it to the fine John O'Groats himself. A total of 20 days cycling and a magnificent 1058 miles. We've travelled through some spectacular scenery through Scotland but some fairly foul winds made our last day a real trial - we met a man on the road who told us 'they say the longest mile is the mile before home', too true! So, at the end of our trip we conclude that Britain is (generally) very beautiful and filled with (mostly) incredibly kind people. And primus stoves are great.

Whether you think its:

a) a great idea and will be lots of fun

b) more than a little bit crazy


c) an extreme sports pre-wedding slimming programme

we would really appreciate a great rallying cry of support (in the form of on-line lolly) as we set off for our great venture up the country. Friday 20th June will see us board the sleeper train down to Penzance and from then on we'll spend the next 3 weeks cycling (and camping!) our way up the entire length of Britain from Land's End to John O'Groats. Around about 1000 miles, before you ask.

Our legs are filled with excitement and nerves, but most of all, determination. We're raising money for the Laura Case Trust, an excellent charity set up in memory of the sister of our close friend Melissa. Laura was training to be a doctor, and was on her medical elective in Uganda, when she was tragically killed in a road traffic accident last February. The Trust, which was set up by Laura's family and friends, aims to raise money to put towards educational and medical projects that Laura would have supported. So far the Trust has assisted in the delivery of equipment to a hospital in Uganda and schoolbooks to a school in Tanzania.

The Trust aims to spend relatively small amounts on projects that will make a huge difference on the ground. And because it's a small organisation you can be guaranteed that all the money you donate will go directly to the causes that really need it.

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to sponsor me: The Laura Case Trust will receive your money faster and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Thank you so much for your support, we'll need it!

Theo and Daisy


  • Joy and jubilation we made it!