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Vikki is Raising Awareness of Kawasaki Desease

Raising awareness for Societi, The UK Foundation for Kawasaki Disease because my son was diagnosed with Kawasaki Desease

56 %
raised of £4,000 target
by 22 supporters

Societi, The UK Foundation for Kawasaki Disease

We Raise Awareness of Kawasaki Disease to help protect tiny hearts!

Charity Registration No. 1173755


Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

In January 2017 my 6 month old woke not quite right he had what I thought was a cold but felt the need to get him checked by a doctor, doctor told me it was viral and to keep an eye. On the Thursday afternoon he spiked a temp of 37.9 gave him calpol and just like a normal viral his temp came down and he was a lot better. Friday his temp came up into 38s so back to the doctors we went as I thought it may have been a chest infection. Doctor then said that a few of my son's obs were higher then normal so sent up to the children's department. while in hospital my son was checked all over and sent home with....... a viral infect. That night his temp came up to 39.3 and his breathing wasn't right at all so rang out of hours who sent an ambulance,while they were here they checked him over and told me to stop being so worried it was viral. Saturday came and his temp was still up and breathing was getting worse so another call to out of ours who sent a paramedic (the same paramedic that had been to my address a few times and knows me well enough now haha) she rang the children's ward and they agreed to see us again. after a night's stay in hospital and fevers of all types they tried to send my boy home the next day I disagreed as I knew this wasn't just VIRAL. well this is where it all gets a bit confusing as my son had every test u could think of over the next few days we have had doctors everyday telling us its viral. After nearly a week in hospital we finally know what's wrong with him. it's called Kawasaki disease. its a rare illness that effects the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart making then become inflamed and swollen meaning it can be fatal. because of this we have had to spend the day in Bristol having an echo done on our son's heart to see if its ok well the news isn't as bad as it could have been but he has now Got a hole in one of his vessels and will need follow up echos on his heart this hole may disappear within time or it may become more serious my boy is still laying in a hospital cot being monitored as we are still to find out if the treatment for this disease has worked. (that night my son was pumped with something very simular to a blood transfusion which runs risks in itself)

Skip forward to now and my son is doing OK he still has a few health issues relating to kawasakis disease but things could be so much worse...

so please keep an eye out for the symptoms these are
fever for 5 days or more
a rash this can be different from my boys ie similar to prickly heat/hives 
swollen glands
dry cracked lips
red fingers and toes
red eyes

last year #teamkiwi managed to raise a massive .....£ 1125.97 in our JG page and a further £200 sent over outside of JG page so please help us double that this year


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