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VOLES 2021 show - That's the Spirit!

Fundraising for Necrotizing Enterocolitis Society
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We promote research, advocacy, & education to build a world without NEC.



Cambridge and Oxford's finest light entertainers have joined forces to produce a dazzingly silly radioplay in aid of the NEC Society! All donations are incredibly welcome.

The NEC Society advances research, advocacy, awareness, and education for necrotizing enterocolitis, a rare and fatal disease that impacts fragile infants.

Check out the show below!

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When Hazel and her two best friends enter an online gaming tournament, things don't exactly go to plan... and then the storm hits. Finding themselves - inexplicably - trapped in a wholesome, cottagecore dating simulator, their only hope is to win the game. To find their freedom, they must pass all the challenges and make someone fall in love with them...

Easy, right? The only problem: Hazel's flirting skills are Truly Terrible. Or are they? Or was the real love the friendship they found along the way? As buns and bullies abound, only one thing's for certain... A whimsical tale of self-discovery, true love, and countryside capers awaits!

About the charity

The NEC Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to building a world without necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) through research, advocacy, and education. The NEC Society brings together diverse stakeholders to better understand, prevent, and treat this devastating neonatal intestinal disease.

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