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Kilimanjaro Summit Expedition

Fundraising for Wilderness Foundation UK

96 %
raised of £17,690 target
by 60 supporters
  • Team members: Sharon Oliver,Jill Golding, Sarah Alcock & Julieanne Cloete,
  • Event: Kilimanjaro Summit

Wilderness Foundation UK

It helps people to acquire essential life skills through wilderness trails programmes. Using nature as a classroom, leadership, decision making, self-esteem and respect for others are developed. Increased responsibility towards the environment and community is an invariable outcome and is a powerful antidote to growing materialism marking modern society.

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We did it!

Climbing  to the summit  of  the  highest mountain in Africa was one of the most challenging experiences  any of us have ever had.  There were a total of 11 people walking to  support the  Wilderness Foundation.

The scenery was spectacular, walking from rain forest to moorland, volcanic plateau to craggy mountain.  The challenge was enormous, walking long distances, sleeping in freezing conditions, encrusted with volcanic dust, topped off with the symptoms of altitude sickness.

The Final ascent was a gruelling 17 hour walk, stating at 11.30 pm, the climb seemed to be never-ending - no visability, gale force winds, which nearly took us off our feet and caking snow.  It was -20 degrees,  plus wind chill at the summit, making tears turn to beads of ice.

It was an almost impossible challenge in the conditions we experienced, yet only 2 of us had to drop out due to  Mountain sickness.

It was an experience that none of us will be in a hurry to repeat too soon, but worth it for the support we have received and will make a huge difference to the lives of  3  orphaned students who will now be joining the Umzi Wethu Academy, in Port Elizabeth, in April  2007.

 Umzi Wethu - supporting orphaned  and disadvantaged youths from the townships of Port Elizabeth in South Africa,  on an 18 month programme which  provides a home, skills training, clothing, food, medication and psychological support and  will enable them to be employed in the conservation of our fragile planet.



Thank you for visiting our fundraising page, 100% of all the money  we raise  will go directly to The Wilderness Foundation. 

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to sponsor us: Wilderness Foundation will receive your money faster and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

So please sponsor us now!

Check out www.justgiving.com/wf-kili to sponsor other participants.

Many thanks for your support.

Sharon, Jill, Sarah and Julieanne


A big thank you goes to all of our supporters:

The Surrey-Hills, Ladies  Tennis Players

Who enabled us to raise over £650.

The Surrey Hill Walkers - £100

We were blessed by the sun-gods,  the road- gods were't so helpful for the girls who turned out from London

Big - Shots £200

Thanks for giving us your sweep stake

Send off party - £5,500 +

We  hope you'll  all agree that we had a great party,  our special thanks go to Sera and her Men in Black for making it go with such a swing.  We have had fantastic support from so many people - over 240 people turned out to give us a brilliant send off.  We couldn't have done it without you.

Surrey Men's tennis players ---  £469

Congratulations to the winners Nigel and Tony!

Thanks also to the following friends for your support and donations;

Ivor Batten, Alyson Jones, Sarah Alcock,Tom Cross-Brown, John and Margaret Turnbull, Linda Koskia, Pat Tucker, Mary Cowan, Ed Posey, Barry Kitcherside, Peter " the bath" Fineman, Johnny and Tors Lawes, Domomic Reilly, Bessler Hendrie,  H -Garside, Rebecca Gibbons, Jill Thornton, Liz Ball, Greg Nicholson,  Colin Marsh, Trevor Birchmore, Paul White,  Jane Biggins, Karen & Richard David, Caroline Fforde, Hazel Hare, Paul Howells, Peter Du Toit, Karen Telling, M Hutchinson, Susan Sami, Malcolm King, Liz McAlister, Helen Esplen, David Barrett, John Tyner, Amanda Frost, Arthur and Pam Golding, Sera Golding and her Men in Black, Nigel Bolding, Frank(Field Trek and Travel), Gordon Wiggington, Peter Davidson, Accent Bank, Jodeche and Elliot, Monument Group, Adele Mitchell,  Frank and Christine Taylor, Gordon Brodie and Dan McGanty, Jude and Matt(for use of your kit) Our auctioneer - Rob Chatfield, Andy and The Hurtwood Park Polo Club, Jo Duffield, Phil,Chris, Our SA supporters, Viv Cullen, Fenestra, Richard Batten, Dorothy and Ron Bowes, Steph Maunders, Linda Weight, Paul Howells &  Orrin

Trevor - Thanks for  the £1,000 incentive - It really kept me going in quite difficult circumstances!  - Sharon x