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Fundraising for Yorkshire Cancer Research

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  • Event: BUPA Great North Run 2007, 30 Sep 2007

Yorkshire Cancer Research

We Yorkshire Cancer Research: Saving lives to Yorkshire Cancer Research: Saving lives

Charity Registration No. 516898


Thank you for considering sponsoring me - so many peoples lives are destroyed due to cancer related illneses, and sadly I am sure that we all may know of someone who has been a victim of this indiscriminate and life destroying deasease.

This is the best way to donate and wether you are a friend, colleague, skitech540 customer or family, I am sure that you will understand and appreciate the good work bieng done by the Universities struggling to find a cure for Cancer.

I have decided to suffer for the cause, and hit the pavements and tarmac of Nottingham as part of my training before heading off to Newcastle in please help.

Kindest regards

Gary Wilson - (The Wilsonater..)

'This mission is dedecated to a Mr Derek Wilcox - old friend & survivor of leukemia'


Derek is in Remission and making his own blood bless him, so well done to ya fella. guess I dont have tto run now huh?   .....   I do !!!! er ok

I have the utmost respect for you Derek you have fought and won a battle that ridicules the 13.1 miles I will run in September....

Regards to you.

Video Diary link -

Training April - 2007

I will be running 40 mins 3 times a week, in 40 mins I can generally get to the 5 miles mark which is fine for me and its the standard i am at at present. So that's 15 miles a week form now on minmum.....I must be nuts...!

I am however reaching my fitness limit at present and from now on it's pain all the way i am afraid, after about the 35th Min i am really struggling..... god knows what's going to happen when the hill training kicks in next month.

Off to Tenerife soonish but will still run run there, looking forward to some early morning beach training with the sun on me back -  I will be bringing my trainers for sure.

Thats April for ya.

Training May - 2007

May starts well after my high altitude activities in Tenerife ( I climbed Teide) I return home to run a fantastic 7 mile run without problems in 58min....thats slightly over half the race day distance and proves that I am at the level of fitness i need to be to make a serious attempt on last years time. So very happy.

Will be looking to run 5 times a week now, mostly short runs (3 Miles) and one long one about 6/7 miles.

My Tenerife stories can be found here -

Thats all for now.

Training June - 2007

OK June is here and the sun (well what there is of it is out) and I have been pushing hard, I have increased my min rate up to 7:6 min miles and that is good for the run, I have also just completed an official 5 mile run in Long Eaton my watch time although not official was 37:09 min - ha ha ha thats fantastic for me, I think that puts me in the top third of all the competiters on the day - very unexpected.... ha ha very very proud of myself.

So much so i had a few beers hic....soz, so all going well

Hill training will come next although i have found out from a runner today that over the whole distance the GNR is more down than up, so plenty of recovery time then, he was saying that essentially the route follows the river to the sea, which is always down hill.

So proud of 39:09...... Check me blogg 

cheers for now.

Training July - 2007.

Well how much rain has there been giving all ample excuse not to bother, but with only a few months left best get on with it and wet !!! July has been good, i have concentrated on getting good long runs finished without stopping and keeping a steady (not fast) pace. I have been running about 7 miles a run 3 times a week, but during the runs i feel good and my fitness is increasing as the big day arrives.

I had been feeling a bit stiff so i treated myself to a massage, i thought it would be all nice and relaxing - no way i had to hold me breath it was that painful, as she was massaging - which is a loose description for it - my calves the pain was so bad i had to grit me teeth as i didnt want her to think it was hurting, god dam it was not what i expected, i had booked an hour but she said 25 minutes was enough for me, and she was right....i hobbled out but felt much better for it and it has helped with my running as well.

I am still running at a pace of 7.5/8 min miles but i am happy with that during training especially over 6/7/8 mile distances, i am a great believer that your best time should be kept for the day. .

My downfall is that i have not started hill training yet and dont really want to if i was honest, but i will be venturing into hill running over the next few hoo.

Do i think i will beat last years 1:51 in Notts, mmm im not sure everyone who i have spoke to says that there are to many people and bottlenecks and if you are caught in one at the end you may take 5/10 mins to cross the line. 


Training August 2007

Well its actually now the end of August and i have just done a speedy 5 miler in 35 minutes, so very happy about that, that puts me on the 7 minute mile mark which is fast for an old bugger like me.

So August has been very good and the sun has come out a little as well. I have however still not done any hill training as er i dont want and cant be bothered to be fair and well i think that i will cope regardless as i am fitter than last year.

I run at this stage, two 3 milers one 5 miler and one 7 miler per week totaling 18 miles a week, I run fast on me 3 miler medium on me 5 miler and slow on me 7. And i still get the brightest reddest face on the planet when i run, it looks like I'm in need of a paramedic way before i actually am.....

I have had no injuries at all and have lost about 3/4 of a stone from training alone this year and i am so looking forward to the event as it approaches, its my birthday on the 28th of September so I will actually be running as a 39 year old for christ sake....when you hit 40 by the way the running fraternity regard you as a veteran !!!!  a VETERAN im not a dam veteran !!!!

Anyway thats the story so far....

Training September - The final month.....

OK the 'final countdown'...isnt that a song mmm, anyway yes i am in the final month, the training has been steady so far and the other day i achieved a blistering time of 58min for 8 miles, thats 7.2 min miles. Not bad as said before for an old bugger like me. If i ran the race at that pace i would beat last years time by ten minutes. Dream on I say....

I have not and i must be honest here done any hill training what so ever and this could be a killer on the day, My number has come through and i will be wearing my flourecent T shirt the charity has given me with the T-shirt arms cut off it is bright green, discusting really, why oh why do charities do this to you i will never know.

My number will be 43173 and i will have a pink number.

The main problem is that they have shoved me at the back, i will be trying to move up closer to the front as i am convinced that the 40,000 people in fornt of me will not running at a 1:51 pace, the organisers are crap at accomidating and placing people based on there previous times. I want to beat last years time not spend half the race runing through bumble bees and fun runners.

But i am looking forward to it, and will be spending 3 days in Newcastle to get the most from the experience.

So thank you again for all your sponsorship money and please do try this yourself, set yourself the challenge I have lost during my short running career of two years two and a half stone and look and feel fantastic - always. I am miles away from being a competitive runner but thats not the point at my age, running does over time...make you feel fantastic and you will never get overweight if you are jogging/running 15/20 miles per week at any pace.  

It is so simple, and running gets you out and about and has no monthly membership to deal with.

Go on and join the thousands already enjoying the benefits.

Good luck to all who are running......and of course Derek Wilcox....

The Wilsonator.

ok the result........

Here folks are the facts of my day at the GNR in newcastle.

The weather was good and had been all weekend - cool but sunny, perfect.

Was carrying a bad back injury which could have ended the run at any moment, but it didnt....what a fighter.

I started in pen 'J' - A is at the front (work it out)  and each pen holds about 5,000 people in it, I was at the back, I started with two lovely 60 year old fairies....It took me 25 min to get to the start line....what a joke. And when i did i pegged it, off i flew passed the crazy fairies and bumble bees, winding my way through the walkers and slow people.....the crowds were thick and were determined to be was an awesome site for sure seeing all of those people as far as the eye can see.

I ran on the grass at the side in the central reservation of the motorway trying to find a way through the fun runners, and made  -

10 miles in 1:21:00 not bad, (normally 1:15 crowds ya see)

But then the dreaded hill up to the final 2 miles was hell, pure hell, no joke, not even slightly amussing, so much so the Elvis singer was ignored no one was interested they were in there own hell (''a little more action'' - f*ck off)....etching out some kind of forward movement up this endless hill. My legs at this point felt stinging pain...never felt before.

Then we made it and i flew down the hill round the bend and into the home straight along the seaside, they show you signs for 800M then 400M etc but my word they are much longer than the 800M i used to run at school, so much longer.....

I finished in 1:54:05......remember i started at the back,

I came in 8067 place out of 50,000 runners.

which means I overtook heh heh the best figure of all 37,000 people during my fight to the front -  bring it on yes...

Will i do it next year yes probably - it was a unique experience i will never forget...

Did we celebrate well yeh did we hit the tow....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

thanks again this website will be deleted by the operator on 31/11/07.

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So please sponsor me now!

Many thanks for your support.


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