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Worth More Alive 3

Fundraising for Friends of Conservation

67 %
raised of £25,000 target
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  • Event: Two marathons and climbing Kilimanjaro in a 9ft tall tiger suit. In one week.

Friends of Conservation

International wildlife charity working with communities around the world to protect endangered species and habitats. The Charity recognises that if conservation programmes are to succeed then the needs of local people are kept in balance with those of endangered species and habitats.

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24 April Fundraising Update

Brilliant fundraising effort from everyone. Thank you so much.

Exodus can confirm that the RGS Talk ‘Predators on The Edge’ raised a staggering £15,004.74

At the time of posting this message this brings the total to a whopping £29,212.99

The tiger is currently sleeping.

13 April 2012

Getting a bit real now, hope all those who came enjoyed the bash at the RGS last night, and huge thanks to those who bidded so generously and those who continue to donate. Big week ahead, massive, thanks for your continued support. 

30th March 2012


Really overwhelmed by the huge donations people are making, thank you so much. You'll see a couple of shots from ten days ago in the Photos section of this page. We lost the cricket but fantastic safari with 20 or so sightings between the group. The tiger shot is eating a cow, currently that farmer will wait years for compensation. How do you think he feels about tigers ..... exactly. Well with last year's and this years pot devoted almost entirely to compensation paid within a week, he might feel a little different!

Calf sore, hamstring tight, got over my Delhi two-step - in prime condition ....?

1st March 2012


Getting even more real now, just off for a ten miler this evening. I've had cold, fever, pulled muscles and other typical winter ailments. However this warm weather is going to help. Running with Terry on Saturday - the guy who ran all four with me last year - he said never again, I'll see what I can do about that.

In a week I fly to Delhi for a final look for these striped beauties before it all starts in earnest. Chance for some cricket and warm weather training although Tooting Common was pretty nice this lunch-time.

Thanks, BIG thanks to all those who have donated, it is heart-warming, I trust I will be seeing you all on the 12th April.

9th January 2012

Training in full swing: Have never drunk, never taken drugs, kicked smoking a while ago and have even given up chocolate and the monastic existence is not fun for me or anyone around me. However getting in some decent miles at the moment helped by the mild weather. Beginning to become a bit more than a dream.


Having just watched the master of the cheap shot Louis Theroux spend a week with incarcerated tigers and other cats in the bible belt mid west it makes me feel that there is less hope for this magnificent predator.

The tiger suit has now had two years of outings, next year is its last ..... I mean that. Two marathons top and tailing Kilimanjaro - in one week. Madness, mountain madness, marathon madness, but magnificent madness. Training has started, yes it will hurt but right now as I type this a poacher is probably lining up a tiger, or indeed rhino in his telescopic sight, they are going through much more.

Falling in love with a species, any species, will not save it. Pragmatism will, rest assured every penny raised will go to proper, pragmatic, effective projects on the ground.

Yes  ..... whether on Brighton's sun bleached lanes, London's rain-washed Tower cobbles or at a whisker under 6000 metres, they are still, and frankly will always be Worth More Alive.


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