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YSJ Geek Soc 24-hour D&D Game

Playing D&D to raise money for SpecialEffect because we want to make gaming accessible for all.

82 %
raised of £750 target
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  • Event: GameBlast19, 22 Feb 2019 to 24 Feb 2019


It's the best reason to play video games ever! Organise your own gaming challenge or event over the weekend of 22-24 February and help SpecialEffect level the playing field for gamers with disabilities.

Charity Registration No. 1121004


On Saturday 23rd February to Sunday 24th February, 5pm - 5pm, Geek Society will be taking part in Gameblast19 through a 24-hour long Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

Watch live at!

Dan Grayson will lead six heroes through Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Waterdeep: Dungeons of the Mad Mage.
The players are:
Josh Ambridge as Barry North (Tiefling Warlock [Celestial])
Sam Booth as Orval Gloomheart (Human Warlock [Hexblade])
Jean Evans as Bofa (Lizardfolk Monk)
Charlotte Nash as Barbara Ysilda (Aasimar Barbarian)
Myles Palmer as Elliot Rainer (Half-elf Sorcerer [Draconic])
Chris Spray as Ryker Auren (Aasimar Paladin)

You can get involved in supporting Gameblast through the game by sponsoring the players or DM. In doing so, you can donate money to affect the game, in terms of story, mechanics, or chance. You could donate to allow a player to gain a magic item, to change a character’s accent, or to allow the DM to do something diabolical.

You can sponsor the participants using the suggestions below, or you can use them as thresholds for your own creative ideas.

*note* All donations are happily received, but the intended effects will be checked before being passed on to the DM. All suggestions must be reasonable – no tarrasques will drop in the city of Waterdeep!

Threshold 1:
£1 – Advantage/Disadvantage on roll
£2 – Auto Success/Failure on a roll OR a critical hit
£2 – Small effect, such as a roll on the Wild Magic Table, a strange conversation/proposal from an NPC, etc.

Threshold 2:
£3 – Common/Uncommon Magic Item

Threshold 3:
£5 – Rare Magic Item
£5 – Medium effect, such as a new character trait/flaw, small monster/npc encounter, etc.

Threshold 4:
£7 – Very Rare Magic Item
£10 – Serious effect, such as an accent/name change, medium monster/npc encounter, etc.

Threshold 5:
£15 – Legendary effect, such as a plot change/twist, hard monster/npc encounter, etc.