Here's the plan:

  • Commission an artist to design a montage of ten of the iconic birds of Turkey (this will be auctioned off once the project is complete)
  • Have the design tattooed on my complete arm and shoulder and top of my hands (I will fund this myself)
  • Ten species will go on my left ar and ten species will go on my right arm (at time of writing I have eleven species tattooed onto my left arm and four onto my right arm- a long way to go, but we are getting there)!
  • Here's the cause:

    Doğa Derneği


    Here's the reason:

    For those of you that have read my recent Turkey trip report; you will know what an absolutely amazing time I had! This holiday will rank very highly as one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. Turkey is a country with epic scenery, incredible biodiversity and an amazing culture. Suffice to say this huge country that spans from Europe to Asia had really impacted on me in a very positive way!

    It was with huge sadness that I learned about the massive river sell off in Turkey. It is my understanding that the Turkish government has transferred all the nations rivers to private corporations. There are now plans to build a collossal 1,738 dams and hydroelectric plants with a further 2,000 dams currently in construction. The impact that these projects will have on both the biodiversity and smaller communities in this country is very sad indeed.

    I urge you to listen to the podcast in the attached link (as Charlie Moores will explain the significance of the problem far more elloquently than me):

    Doğa Derneği is the Birdlife International partner in Turkey and they have a massive task on their hands. So what can I do to help?

    I want to do something that as the chance to raise a substantial amount of money to help Doğa Derneği in their work and also that would give them and the issues they are fighting against publicity. So I've decided to give my right arm for the cause!

    Latest Update:

    Roller, Pied Kingfisher, Dead Sea Sparrow, Red-fronted Serin, Eastern Rock Nuthatch, Little Swift, Radde's Accentor, Cinerious Bunting, White-winged Snowfinch, Yellow-throated Sparrow and Ménétries's Warbler have already been tattooed onto my left arm and White-throated Robin, White-throated Kingfisher,  Northern Bald Ibis, Pallid Scop's Owl, Masked Shrike, Rüppell's Warbler, Wallcreeper, Black Francolin, Caspian Snowcock, Crag Martin & Crimson-winged Finch have been tattooed onto my right arm!


    Raising money for

    BirdLife International

    BirdLife International

    Charity Registration No. 1042125

    BirdLife International is the world’s largest nature conservation partnership and the world leader in bird conservation. We believe in a world rich in biodiversity where people and nature live in harmony. We offer that hope for the future of the planet but we need your help to achieve it.

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    Fantastic stuff Tris - great tats, great cause

    Donation by Rock nester on 07/02/14


    + £5.00 Gift Aid

    It's a long long way to Tipperary....i mean east Turkey...., great idea Tristan, would love to join you for a week's gallavanting!

    Donation by Patrick Veale on 09/10/13

    10,00 €

    The world needs more people like you! Good luck!

    Donation by Amanda Skull & Rhisiart ap Gwilym on 25/08/13


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    Good luck with your great idea Tristan, hope all the hard work pays off.

    Donation by Andy Field @merseabirder on 03/03/13


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    Great stuff Tristan. Keep at it!

    Donation by Rhys Jones on 11/11/12


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    Very best of luck with it Tristan - will look forward to reading about how you get on!

    Donation by Chris Jones on 18/10/12


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    Fantastic effort

    Donation by John Headon on 02/10/12


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    So impressed!! Thanks for your contributions for preserving Turkey's biodiversity!

    Donation by sevgi on 24/08/12

    I hope you continue to raise a lot more money.

    Donation by Elsie Griffiths on 27/06/12


    Looking good!

    Donation by Inge Bristow on 13/06/12


    + £2.50 Gift Aid

    Donation by David Hutton on 24/05/12


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    Happy Birthday Tris! Finally got round to it. Love Iisha xxx

    Donation by Iisha Webster-Bidder on 14/05/12

    Well done Tristan - should have got round to giving before. Great effort.

    Donation by Dave Dunford (from BirdGuides) on 03/05/12


    + £2.50 Gift Aid

    Donation by Willem Visser on 01/05/12


    Dude :-)

    Donation by Wouter van Pelt on 01/05/12


    Donation by Vincent van der Spek on 24/04/12


    Done. Hope to one day: A. get to see the ink in the flesh (hihi no pun intended.) and B. get to go to Turkey to see the birds in the flesh...

    Donation by Janneke Kimstra on 24/04/12


    Great cause, totally bonkers fundraising scheme, you are a legend!

    Donation by Teamscotch on 21/04/12


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    Good luck with the project! Thanks for an inspiring talk and great company at the GullFest in Varanger! Best wishes from Tormod & Elin.

    Donation by tormod amundsen on 20/04/12


    Donation by Anonymous on 29/03/12


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    You're just amazing!!!!

    Donation by Hell's Fairy on 02/03/12


    Love that ink Sir - couldn't be for a better cause too. F'in righteous!

    Donation by Jonny Rankin on 02/03/12


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    Donation by Kieren Allinson on 12/02/12


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    text donation

    Donation by Anonymous on 08/02/12


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    via sms

    Dear Tristan, Thank you for coming to the Norwich RSPB office to give an inspiring talk about your efforts to save the planet! Best wishes Paul

    Donation by Paul Forecast on 29/01/12


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