Hi everyone, thanks for popping by and visiting my Just Giving page.

As you probably know by now I signed up to this challenge in July because Rich told me about it and after a few glasses of wine (or bottles, who's counting?) it sounded like fun.

12 weeks later (so far) and I've trained five times a week, got up at 6am, drank nasty protein shakes, stopped drinking and been punched in the face frankly more than is at all necessary in a lifetime. It's been much much harder than I had ever imagined (if I had stopped to imagine-  which I didn't!) but also one of the best experiences - I've found that I can do many more things than I ever thought I could, including losing 20lbs (and counting!), writing a blog for the Huffington Post on our journey and attempting a skydive (actually that was unrelated but I just thought I'd slip it in there)

I started this challenge and kept at it because there was no way I was letting myself or my friends down -  but now with four weeks to go it's all about raising the money Universal Chance needs for the Buhinga School project - as much as we possibly can.

Your donations make all those blood sweat and tears worth it!


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Week 13 on the blog:

13/11/12 09:16

Week 12 of the blog (week 16 in real life!)

12/11/12 11:48

WEEK 11!

30/10/12 04:17

Raising money for

Universal Chance

Universal Chance

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We aim to deliver projects to give better opportunities to communities in countries that don’t have the same privileges as we do. This could be anything from improving education facilities to providing medical facilities. We will build lasting relationships and ensure each project is sustainable.

Raising money for

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Charity Registration No. 1148737

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Hope your face is feeling better!

Donation by Phil Grimshaw on 26/11/12

HI Helen,, Good luck, hit first and hit hard. Then we'll see you here for your holiday in NZ, well deserved. Dad

Donation by Philip Colclough on 24/11/12


Best of luck Helen! In the words of Muhammad Ali - 'Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee'!

Donation by Rebecca Poulton-Tonks & Richard Poulton on 24/11/12


Good Luck!!

Donation by Harriet Easton on 23/11/12


Donation by Bribery Brownies on 23/11/12


Go Helen Go!!!!

Donation by Kimberley Symcox on 23/11/12


Nice old girl. good luck!

Donation by Chris Evans on 23/11/12


Good Luck Helen!!! xx

Donation by Rachael Qureshi on 23/11/12


Good luck Helen, looking forward to the pics next week x

Donation by Caitlin Goosey on 23/11/12


Amazing work!

Donation by Louise Boothe on 23/11/12


Donation by Ed Saunders on 23/11/12


Donation by Patricia Philippi on 22/11/12


Woo hoo over the £500. Well done again - super proud of you. Love Dev & Richard xxxxx

Donation by Dev & Richard on 22/11/12

Donation by Cheryl Chapman on 21/11/12


Donation by Socrates Vicente on 20/11/12


Well done, Helen! Rather you than me! Amazing willpower and stamina for such a great cause. Love Holly, Frank and Harry.

Donation by Holly Tucker on 20/11/12


Go get 'em Helen. Just think if you can 'almost' jump out of a plane you can smash someones head in.....Best of luck

Donation by Jonathan Hall on 20/11/12


Donation by Gregory Becker on 20/11/12


Good luck!

Donation by Jeremie Mairesse on 16/11/12


Good luck kicking (or is that punching) ass! :)

Donation by Phu Ly on 16/11/12


Yo Rock, you need some help? Rocky: No, guys; ain't no pie eating contest! :) Well Done Helen and Congrats on your blog too! Best of luck!

Donation by Marcos @ CBeams on 15/11/12


Donation by James Hunt on 13/11/12


Donation by Anonymous on 13/11/12


Well done H! So proud and inspired! Good luck, wish we could be there to cheer you on. Love Dev & R xxxxx

Donation by Deverey Kirk on 12/11/12


Knock 'em dead girl (but not literally, obv)

Donation by Nupur Manchanda on 12/11/12


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