Thanks for taking the time to visit my page. It really means a lot to the both of us.

It’s hard to imagine this time last year. And even harder to express the challenges we’ve faced along the way. But it’s not over yet. Let’s help improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of blood cancers, and make this journey that little bit easier for future generations.

I’m starting close to home because I can’t let Kate be the only one without hair!!

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Kate’s Story 

After years of training, Kate had just landed herself the perfect job. But it was all soon to change.

It started with a little bit of back pain mid-2012 which got progressively worse over the next 6 months. After regular visits to see numerous doctors, she was still no closer to an answer. Yet Kate was determined the pain would not stop her from taking her daughter on the trip of a lifetime to Disney World.

But her body had other plans. The whole holiday Kate was in complete agony, unable to enjoy the time with her daughter. The pain had got so bad that she went to hospital in America. Although investigations were inconclusive, Kate was advised to seek further medical attention on her return to the UK.

Back in the UK and she was straight into hospital again, but the doctors were still confused. It wasn’t until late January when a mass was discovered on her spine, however further investigations were needed to confirm what this was. After 2 biopsy’s, a CT scan, an MRI scan, a bone scan, and many X-rays, a confirmed diagnoses of Lymphoma was given on the 1 March.

Chemo was planned for the end of March, but worrying symptoms lead to a further MRI scan. It showed that the tumour had destroyed the vertebrae and according to the doctor, Kate was days away from being paralysed. She was rushed in for an emergency spinal operation and had 6 vertebrae fused. She’s now got two 8 inch rods and 8 screws holding her together.

This set the Chemo back for another 3 weeks. Finally, Kate received her first session mid-April. As if things couldn’t get any worse, she developed an infection and was hospitalised again, this time for over a week. But she was determined not to let this get her down and has since battled through 6 Chemotherapy treatments (R-CHOP). She has now got Radiotherapy to look forward to for the rest of the year.

Yet above all, the worst experience for Kate has been losing her hair. She loved her hair. I also love mine, but I love Kate more. And that is why I’m shaving mine off.


Luke’s Story

I had always wanted dreadlocks. And 7 years ago, Kate and another friend helped me create this style. After 8 hours of painful back-combing, I eventually had them. For the next 6 months I carefully tended to them on a daily basis to make sure they knotted (and yes, they get washed twice a week). They took some getting used to but I still love them. Not just the look, but the sense of freedom they portray. But I can’t let Kate be the only one without any hair.

Social Networking

Please spread the word. Tell everyone, let them all hear about this event. E-mail your friends, watch it on Vimeo or YouTube video, forward the links, ‘like’ it on Facebook, or tweet about it on Twitter. Keep a track of the amount raised and don’t forget to tune in for the next video.




Part I:

Part II:


Part I:

Part 2:


Please donate through the ‘JustGiving’ web page or text message. All money donated goes directly to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research charity. They are a leading UK based blood cancer charity at the forefront of research. They are dedicated to improving diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of all blood cancers, including Lymphoma.

To donate:

                        Text CHOP62 £(insert amount) to 70070

***Please select GIFT AID*** This means the charity has permission to reclaim the tax from HMRC for every donation given by a UK tax payer. For instance, a £10 donation will equate to £12.50 for the charity. All you have to do is put a tick in the GIFT AID box.



Thanks to those who have spent the time to read this info and watch the video. A special thanks to our close friend Stewart at Soup Creative for making the videos. And we can’t forget the extraordinary healthcare staff who have helped Kate along the way. But most of all, thank you to all who donate.


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Updates 7

Good news!!! PET-CT scan results are back!!! The treatments have been effective and Kate is over the first hurdle. But it’s not over yet, she will be on close watch for the next few years. Still, this is exactly the news we wanted to hear.

21/03/14 04:57

A huge thank you to the Nesscliffe Young Farmers who fundraised a massive £1050 in Kate’s honour. Also, thanks to Emma Jones (Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research rep) for coming to the presentation evening. See the Facebook page for photo's. Thank you for a great night.

11/03/14 09:13

Part 2 is finally here!! Please visit Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo and search for "The Dreaded Shave: Part 2". But we can’t stop now. We’re only £159.81 under an astonishing £3000.

28/01/14 08:45

In the coming weeks, Kate will receive a PET-CT scan to determine the treatments effectiveness, and I’m staying positive. Anyway, Kate’s happy because she’s now got more hair than me!!! Once again, thank you all for your wonderful generosity and donations.

28/01/14 08:42

2013 was a very gruelling year for Kate. The treatments have not always agreed with her but she fought her way through and is recovering well. The support from friends and family has made this journey that little bit easier, but I am still humbled by the resilience Kate displays.

28/01/14 08:39

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Bloodwise (formerly Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research)

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Wow... just wow! You're *amazing* :)

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Behind you both on this! Such a great cause and wish you all the best for a speedy recovery Kate!

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You've touched my heart!! Wishing you three all the luck and love in the world!! xxx

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well done on raising a fantastic amount, with my best wishes to you both

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Just watched the film on u tube. So happy to see Kate today, so happy that you're both happy And I have the best feet in the world. Lots of love xxx

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All the best to you both!

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Better late than never - best wishes to you both...

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All my very best wishes.

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Good job and good luck to you both

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Well Done Luke. Keep up the positive attitude and hard work.

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All the best with Kate's treatment!

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Well done Luke

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Lady in the shop-Thanks

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From Eleanor. Thank you

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From you're favourite 23 Small Lane house mate

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You've conquered the mountain now keep climbing.

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