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Sharks need our help!!! 

Raise your voice for sharks - I will carry your voice through europe!!!

For each Euro you give, I go 2 kilometres (1,2miles) by bike.
(let's say up to a maximum of 4000 km (2500 miles)

Dear Friends

Did you know, that sharks existed on the earth allready 350.000.000 (350 milion) years ago? They lived before the dinosaurs and survived when the age of the dinosaurs ended. They are a very important part of marine live. Without sharks many other species can not survive either. And many of these species are very important for us human beings.
After 350.000.000 years the humans started to kill that many sharks, that

within only 60 years we brought them close to extinction

Humans are killing sharks for many reasons. Non of them are any justifiable. Most sharks are caught alive. The fishermen cut off their fins and throw the animals back into the sea. The sharks are still alive and die cruel and torturously. The fins are than sold on asian markets as ingredient for sharkfin-soup.

I was told, that shark fins don't have any taste at all. So it is nothing about taste. What is it for???
The humans kill 90.000.000 sharks every year. In other words

we kill 3 sharks every second

Please, my friends, think about this number. By the way: In average two men are killed by a shark per year. That's not quiet 3 per second, is it?

To get an idea of the global dimension of the issue, you just need to have a look on the picture from the Save Our Seas Foundation that you find in my gallery on the bottom of this page. It is not only the asian states that are killing the sharks. Spain is the third biggest shark hunter. all member states of the european Union together catch the most sharks. Also the USA and Canada play a big role.

Since the 1950s the global shark catch is climbing up constantly. The result is tremendous. The population of many shark species declined dramaticaly. The Porbeagle Shark for example has come down to one per cent of its former population.

I support the NGO Project AWARE since many years. They achieved some great victories to protect our oceans in the last years. With their campaign "Sharks In Peril" they attempt to stop the senseless shark-finning. But to be successfull they need money.

With a small donation you can help Project AWARE

- Fight to stop shark finning

- Insist on full protection for critically endangered sharks

- Negotiate stronger policies to ensure a brighter future for all sharks

Dear Friends, some of you know me personally, others know me as a colleague or because I had the plessure to teach you diving and introduce you to the wonderfull beauty of the under water world of our planet.
No matter how you know me, I ask you to support Project AWARE with this important project.
Even if you can only donate one dollar, it will be one dollar for the survival of this great and important animals. An investment in the future of the nature is the best investment you can make.
If you can not afford to donate one dollar, please help by spreading this appeal and get your friends, families and colleagues involved.

I as well as the complete world will appreciate it.

You raise your voice and call out for sharks. I will carry your voice through europe

Here is what I am going to do:

The more money you donate for project AWARE to fight against shark finning, the more I carry your voice through europe.

I am going to ride the bike. And I will ride a lot if you want.
Going through europe I can get much more attention for the problem by spreading your voice. "We do not want humans to kill sharks"

I am seroius. One Euro makes me ride 2km. (up to a maximum of 4000 km)

Did you know that the European Union exports more shark fins than anybody else?
Spain is the 3rd biggest seller of shark fins in the world.France is on place 12 of this dishonourable ranking. Portugal is on place 16.

So let`s see if you can make me carry your voice against shark finning through this three countries with my bycicle.
I will start in germany. (A country that exports almost no shark products at all, but I grew up there) And I will go through france, spain and Portugal along the coast, showing everybody, that we do not want sharks to be extincted by human beings!!!!

So please donate a little money. I do the rest of the work.
Come on for only 2000 Euro I should make it at least to northern Portugal.

Of course everybody who gives some money can follow my tour online.

It is up to you!!!!
I will start my tour in the beginning of july

Lucas Schmitz

!!!Please note that you can donate with paypal only if you choose the currency GBP!!!

Updates 1

My cycle4sharks tour is over now. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I made much more than the predicted 4000 km and I am very happy with the 2100 € I have raised so far. But the challenge goes on. I have done my part of the deal. Let us try to get some more money.

19/08/13 01:09

Raising money for

Project AWARE Foundation (International)

Project AWARE Foundation (International)

Charity Registration No. 1073327

Project AWARE Foundation is a growing movement of scuba divers protecting the ocean planet – one dive at a time. We’re focusing in on two major ocean issues –Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris where scuba divers are uniquely positioned to positively affect long-term change in these two areas.

Raising money for

Run by Project AWARE Foundation (International)

Charity Registration No. 1073327

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Well done!

Donation by Subnauta on 09/09/13


Amazing tour. Great Cause.

Donation by Anonymous on 23/08/13

Thank you

Donation by Anonymous on 20/08/13



Donation by Anna S. on 20/08/13


Great project. Respect!!!

Donation by Bobby on 19/08/13


This is the money I received in cash during my tour from 17 different people. Thank you very much.

Donation by Lucas on 19/08/13


Vielen Dank für den vorbildlichen Einsatz!! Weiter so!!

Donation by Tobi on 15/08/13


Hallo Lucas. Aufrichtigen Respekt für deinen Einsatz für die Haie und viel Erfolg für dein Projekt.

Donation by Mirjam on 10/08/13


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Donation by Anonymous on 02/08/13


Moin! Respekt für Deine Tour, Lucas. Super Sache!

Donation by Bene on 02/08/13


Donation by Anonymous on 01/08/13


You'll make it ! Go forward :D

Donation by Sandy Müller on 01/08/13


Great cause - one of the most cruel practices mankind has thought of! Thanks for your excellent work. Kind regards,

Donation by Heidi Holzapfel on 31/07/13

Great cause, everything we can do against animal abuse are the most respectable deeds People can possiby do! Maybe you find Fiona's cause interesting, too (

Donation by Nina on 31/07/13


Donation by Christian on 31/07/13


Don´t stop fighting!!!! Thank You!

Donation by S04 on 31/07/13


I think what you are doing is fantastic. Good luck with your journey. With people like you fighting to protect sharks I think they have a good chance at survival.

Donation by Anonymous on 20/07/13


Viel Erfolg, nur Menschen die sich bewegen bewegen etwas ;o)))

Donation by Petra on 18/07/13


Hi Lucas! Damit du dein Ziel erreichst ein kleiner Beitrag von mir. Help the sharks!

Donation by Karin on 18/07/13


Till the end of finning!

Donation by Susana Martins on 17/07/13


Donation by Judith Schmitz on 17/07/13


I sincerely hope that you will reach many people with your message while being on your tour and make an impression on them as well as memories for yourself.

Donation by Anonymous on 03/07/13


Hi Lucas, my husband also wants to support you and asked me to make also a donation with his company. His name is Miguel Cruz. See you on monday, Carol,B&D and Real Bytes Consulting

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Wishing you all the best on your journey, take care !

Donation by Renate Bracker on 28/06/13


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