EVERY MINUTE A CHILD DIES FROM MALARIA. However, more money is invested in anti hair loss drugs than in malaria. How is that for skewed global priorities? No one needs to die from this preventable and curable disease. Why am I fundraising for Malaria No More? Because I was nearly one of those statistics.

Exactly one year ago, I was living and working in Haiti. On Sunday I was windsurfing. On Wednesday I was in Intensive Care. On Friday I was put into an induced coma. I very nearly didn’t come out of it.  Almost four weeks later I left intensive care after what was heralded as a medical miracle. Or an act of God, depending on how you like to look at these things.  What happened? Malaria happened.

One year later, it's been quite a journey and I am full of gratitude for still being here, for making a full recovery and for the circumstances that conspired to make that happen. This Christmas is a time for reflection and gratitude, and will surely be considerably more enjoyable than being hooked up to machines in intensive care like one year ago.

I can't help but reflect on the fact that it took flying me to another country and tens of thousands of pounds of medical resources (and a fair amount of determination!) to get me better - luxuries that someone from the Haitian village where I got malaria would never have had access to.

And so on the anniversary of my survival, and at this time of Christmas giving, I would like to put out a request to my friends and family and anyone else who feels moved to act: instead of sending me a card or buying me a present, or just because you think this is important, please make a donation towards Malaria No More. I'm not running a marathon or swimming the Channel (not yet...;) but I thought this landmark date was for me enough of a rationale to raise money.

It only take £1 to save a life: this provides a life saving test and treatment for a child. It's that simple.

·     £5 is enough to buy, deliver and hang a mosquito net for a family in Africa, helping protect two people from malaria.

·     £10 can transport 150 lifesaving nets to a community in rural Ghana; enough to protect 300 people.

·     £60 can train a nurse in Botswana to diagnose malaria quickly and accurately, saving lives.

·     £100 can recruit and train two local volunteers to be Malaria Agents; providing lifesaving malaria prevention information to their entire community.

So as you see, no donation is too small. 

If you want to read more about my story, you can find it here:

And here:

And here:


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We exist to make malaria no more. We work tirelessly to save and protect millions of lives from malaria, mainly young children who are most at risk. Malaria affects almost half of the world’s population and claims the life of a child every minute... but with your help we can make malaria no more.

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Charity Registration No. 1126222

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Donation by Mandy G on 15/03/15


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Such a good cause Mandy!It had to be you. You are a role model!

Donation by Serena on 08/05/14


Well done on your campaigning Mandy, Newton is very proud of you. Love from Annie and Brian.

Donation by Anne Walton on 02/04/14


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Donation by Julia on 24/02/14


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So happy you are still here to keep on dancin' :)

Donation by mak on 20/02/14


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Great cause M-andy and fantastic coverage of your survival story, you're really making a difference. Love ya!! x

Donation by Kris Flegg on 18/02/14


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Great work, birthday buddy!

Donation by Libbi on 08/02/14


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Donation by Ali on 23/01/14

Excellente initiative Mandy. Tu as su donner un autre sens à cette expérience. Quelle fierté d'être ton amie !

Donation by Sév on 08/01/14


Donation by Henry Makiwa on 08/01/14


Donation by Shiami on 31/12/13

To a fierce fighter and a sweet giver.

Donation by The Mother of one 1/2 of Double Trouble on 30/12/13


Donation by Anonymous on 30/12/13


A wonderful cause

Donation by Gary & Monica on 30/12/13


Donation by Rusty on 30/12/13

Brava Mandy!!

Donation by Marianna on 27/12/13


Amazing work in raising awareness for this issue!! Well done xx

Donation by Mariana on 26/12/13


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Very inspirational, Mandy!

Donation by Marcos on 23/12/13


Keep up the great work!!

Donation by Mairzy and Alex on 23/12/13

Batty Mandy! What a great idea. We're glad to help you kick some malaria ass!!

Donation by Sonia, Diana, Roger, Cami & Julian on 20/12/13


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Donation by Anonymous on 11/12/13


Very good article Mandy. Good to see you the other day, and looking SOOOOO fit. Love Celia

Donation by Anonymous on 11/12/13

Well done, Mandy!!!!

Donation by Luisfer Otero on 11/12/13

You did incredibly well and it is so precious to have a friend like you still with us! Lots of love. xox

Donation by Olga on 11/12/13


What a story! ... so inspirational and thought-provoking

Donation by Joan on 11/12/13


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