My Name is Matt Tyrer and I am a 28 year old firefighter from Douglas...

Tough Guy race billed as “The toughest race in the world”  

Staged over a sub zero 15km (9.5mile) course. It consists of a cross-country run followed by an assault course known as ‘the killing fields’, claimed to be tougher than any other worldwide, featuring 100 obstacles, including a hill slalom run, electric shocks, ditches, jumps, freezing water pools, fire pits, tunnels, heights and so on

The military recognise tough guy as an arduous test of physical and mental endurance and british special forces are known to send troops to compete before deployment,

The organizers claim that running the course involves risking barbed wire, burns, dehydration, hypothermia, acrophobia, claustrophobia, electric shocks, sprains, twists, joint dislocation and broken bones.

Last year up to one-third of the starters failed to finish, several hundred competitors were treated for hypothermia. To date there are 2 recorded competitor fatalities.

Some competitors wear wetsuits, but I am taking on the event bare-chested wearing ONLY shorts increasing my chance of hypothermia, making it harder, all to raise funds and awareness for Hyperbaric Chamber Isle of man.

I have been training for this now for over 6 six months consisting of several gym sessions per week at the gym followed by 8-10 mile cross country runs.

A main focus of my training other than fitness is getting used to the cold water, I have been plunging myself into rivers, streams and the sea to adjust my body temperature Archallagan plantation, groudle and fleshwick are the main places I train. 

I’ve been trying to condition myself mentally and physically for this event which in my own words “is a place where health and safety simply does not exist, without the proper preparation you simply wouldn’t make it to the finish in once piece”

Hyperbaric therapy helps aleviate symptoms of many conditions by delivering oxygen under pressure in high concentration to injured areas of the body stimulating growth of new blood vessels and speeding recovery of many conditions from traumatic injuries to Lymphoedema & everything in between.

Please donate to a great cause!


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Thank you so much to everyone who donated!!!

30/01/13 04:16

Holy shitballs - I have just logged on and seen how much people have donated... My notificatinos havent worked in a week on the app on my phone so I didnt think anybody had dontated!!! AMAZING. Thank you all! 2 sleeps!!

25/01/13 06:39

Wow we have reached £500 !!

10/01/13 02:06

Had quite alot of media interest this week.. lookout for the examiner, MTTV, 3fm and the Manx Advertiser! #pleasedonate

05/01/13 05:50

Little write up on 3fm

05/01/13 05:48

Raising money for

Friends of the Hyperbaric Chamber

Friends of the Hyperbaric Chamber

Charity Registration No. 1051IOM

Hyperbaric therapy helps aleviate symptoms of many conditions by delivering oxygen under pressure in high concentration to injured areas of the body stimulating growth of new blood vessels and speeding recovery. Known for treating the bends in divers this accounts for less than 1% of patients p.a.

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I am proud of you! You are a champion! Bravo for your endurance to cold, your bravery and your generosity! A Belgian cold water swimmer

Donation by Christian FIGIEL on 06/04/13

50,00 €

I'm doing a TM & someone mentioned you, seeing what you've done, your vids etc it's inspiring. Great job, great cause! I've just starting training :(

Donation by Steven McIntosh (also bodyshack) on 09/03/13


Congrats! Matching funds for the PokerStars staff that donated to your efforts. Thank you for putting yourself forward.

Donation by PokerStars Matching Funds on 14/02/13


You’re insane fella, that’s worth a ten spot

Donation by Goc on 07/02/13


Well done Matt!!! Guess you'll need find another excuse for constantly playing in the mud ;-)

Donation by Mark Rodman on 02/02/13


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Congratulations Matt - fantastic effort for a great cause.

Donation by Ellen on 28/01/13


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Donation by Anonymous on 27/01/13

Well done on your fantastic effort!!!

Donation by Dean Cooke on 27/01/13


Remember, What we do in life echoes in eternity!! ;)

Donation by kevin sloan on 27/01/13


Donation by Anonymous on 27/01/13


Good effort Tank. Smash it!!!

Donation by Carl Fletcher on 27/01/13


Double dose of man up tomorrow tank!!

Donation by Georgina Randall on 26/01/13


Donation by Tippy Ahluwalia on 26/01/13


Good luck!

Donation by Tom Martin on 26/01/13


Good luck mate, I don't envy you at all :)

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