UPDATE 8th Feb: Target reached faster than you can say "Indian whitewash!" Please do keep donating - the more, the better!

Stay tuned on this page for updates, tour diary will be up on Alternative Cricket and Cricket Without Boundaries in a couple of weeks!


Hi! I'm Nishant, and thanks for taking the time to visit my page! 

As many of you know, I'm going to Kenya from 12th-26th February...

I will be working with Cricket Without Boundaries, an excellent charity that shares the same ethos as I do - that sport transcends barriers, and that cricket in particular has the power to bring people together.

Sorry to digress, but has anybody ever told you, you have the most piercing eyes...?

In their previous trips to Africa, CWB have trained over 1,000 coaches and 10,000 children.

On this trip, I will be spreading the message of HIV prevention, by bringing cricket to the villages of Kenya! I will be visiting schools and orphanages all over the country, training children and young adults. 

CWB has found that cricket helps HIV prevention messages come through a lot clearer. Instead of using scientific jargon, the children find simple analogies such as "Protect your wicket" and "Don't play risky shots" a lot easier to relate to. Wherever possible, I will endeavour to include the likes of Dravid, Kallis and Trott into my analogies.

I am a big believer in prevention being better than the cure, and I hope to learn plenty of logistical lessons from this trip, and see how I can apply them in future - hopefully, on an even larger scale.

Ladies and gentlemen, at this point, I could opt for cheap flattery and pander to you, but I shall refrain, even though you have been looking particularly radiant recently...

Although I have paid for flights by myself, the project's long-term success depends on donations.

In a tip of the hat to Sir Don Bradman - and Sachin too, while he's still stranded on 99... - I'm looking to raise at least £999.94 for Cricket Without Boundaries. Hopefully, we can raise much more.

£25 will buy a full Kwik Cricket set for a school.

£50 will buy a full set of branded shirts for a team (including HIV/AIDS messages).

£100 will buy a school a hard-ball kit bag, with balls, pads, gloves, bats - and most importantly, boxes. 

£500 will train 10 local coaches to keep spreading the word.

£1,000 will run a festival day, allowing hundreds to participate.


DONATE £100 or more, and I will personally sign a copy of our book, with a personal message of gratitude, and send it anywhere in the world.

DONATE £500 or more, and I will perform one of my legendary LIVE air guitar concerts for you, in person, to the songs of your choice. 

DONATE £1,000 or more, and, I will also throw in a personalized satirical article/letter for you, on any topic of your choice. 

Of course, I will keep you updated with a diary and photos of my time in Kenya, so you can see first-hand how your money is being put to good use :)) 

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid - 25% - is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. If you pay tax in the UK at the higher rate, you can also reclaim tax relief on your gross donation at 20%.

It’s the most efficient way to donate - I raise more, whilst saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

So...please dig deep into your handbags and man-purses, and donate now.



- Like many other people my age, I am 23 years old. 

- I'm a 4th year medical student (no, I don't just dress up as a doctor, although the scrubs are nice and airy in summer).

- I am editor of

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Raising money for

Cricket Without Boundaries

Cricket Without Boundaries

Charity Registration No. 1154576

Cricket Without Boundaries is dedicated to helping, educating and developing local communities around the world through the spread and growth of cricket. Crucially, CWB also uses cricket as a tool in the fight against AIDS. CWB’s training sessions have at their heart discussion about the disease in terms of prevention, treatment and equality of treatment for those with and without the disease.

Raising money for

Run by Cricket Without Boundaries

Charity Registration No. 1154576

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Hey Nishant, keep up the good work. Sorry it's late, I kept forgetting...

Donation by riccardo on 15/03/12


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Hi Nishant, sorry its late, but better late than never! Well Done! MOD

Donation by Michael O'Dwyer on 15/03/12

All the best!

Donation by Bharathram on 18/02/12


Good luck, Doc. Keep it up!

Donation by Subash Jayaraman on 10/02/12



Donation by Josh Taylor on 08/02/12


What you are doing is inspirational, to be a tiny part of it is an honour!

Donation by Anonymous on 08/02/12


All the best with your adventure. May the force of the FDBC be with you.

Donation by The Nugget on 08/02/12


Best of luck, and keep up the good work.

Donation by Jastrow on 08/02/12


All the best bro

Donation by Aun-Mohammed Akhter on 08/02/12


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

All the best. I'm full of admiration for anyone who wants to share the Way Of Kakmal round the world.

Donation by Rowan on 08/02/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Good luck mate, great cause!

Donation by Luke on 08/02/12


It's not much (stupid rand value) but it's the least I can do. Hopefully, next time I'll join you on the adventure x

Donation by Ant Sims on 08/02/12


What a pleasure to help out such a great initiative...

Donation by Matthew on 08/02/12


You really make me proud,well done and keep it up.Ba and ada would really be proud of you.Hope you achieve your targets.

Donation by jayshree faiba on 07/02/12


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Good Luck :)

Donation by indukuru on 07/02/12


Good luck Sir, a great cause!

Donation by Prongle on 06/02/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Good luck Nish thanks for your support on depression as well..crease them up like you do us on twitter!

Donation by Anonymous on 06/02/12


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Brian Clifford on 06/02/12


+ £2.78 Gift Aid

Nishant, I am behind you every step of the way. I am very proud of you keep up the good work. Wonderful..

Donation by Jyoti Dave on 05/02/12


You may have trouble getting your MAX BETS on from out there, should be no shortage of runners though. All the best :)

Donation by philip alden on 05/02/12


Good Luck!!!

Donation by Ayoma Ratnappuli on 05/02/12


Deserve this for your comedy, let alone the good you do around the world! Amazing work.

Donation by Simran Mahon on 04/02/12


Good luck!!!

Donation by Dinakar on 03/02/12


All the best!

Donation by H & Mum! on 03/02/12


Great endeavor. Good luck Nish!

Donation by Sabeen on 03/02/12

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