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Support Gaza's resilience in crisis. Join our campaign, providing immediate aid to those affected by the ongoing conflict and winter. Donate today.


In the heart of conflict and adversity, stories of courage and hope emerge, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit at its finest. Gaza, with its steadfast nature and resilient people, offers a poignant example of perseverance amidst indescribable hardships. Every day, civilians face challenges beyond imagination, from severe shortages of medical and food supplies to indiscriminate destruction of vital infrastructure and safe homes.

Your support, the "Haya Karima for Gaza" can provide the lifeline these innocents desperately need not just to survive, but to build a future filled with hope and peace. Every donation, no matter how small or large, contributes to creating smiles, alleviating pain, and rebuilding lives.

Children finding joy in the simplest things, families rebuilding their homes from the rubble, medical personnel risking their lives daily to save others - these are moments that reflect Gaza's true spirit. With every donation, you offer not just aid but a message of hope, affirming that they are not alone.

Join us on a journey to support Gaza. Contribute to our efforts to provide a decent life for everyone in Gaza, showing the world the true meaning of solidarity. Your story with Gaza doesn't end with a donation; it begins with an act of kindness that inspires others and creates an endless chain of hope.

In a testament to our unwavering commitment to supporting Gaza, the "Haya Karima Foundation" has delivered unprecedented humanitarian aid, embodying the spirit of solidarity and brotherhood. In an unparalleled initiative, we have managed to send convoys carrying over 1,000 tons of food and meat, distributing 40,000 blankets to families who have lost their homes or are suffering from the harsh cold. Furthermore, we provided more than 300,000 boxes of essential medicines and medical supplies, along with clothing and basic needs to ensure the alleviation of suffering and comfort for those in need.

Moreover, these convoys were accompanied by specialized medical teams from all disciplines, not only to provide urgent health care but also to build the local community's capacity and ensure the sustainability of healthcare. These ongoing efforts reflect our deep commitment to easing the difficult conditions faced by the Palestinian people and affirm the role of the "Haya Karima Foundation" as an integral part of the supportive fabric for Gaza.

With every initiative, we embody the values of compassion and human dignity. We believe that sustained and comprehensive support is the path to building a better future for Gaza. Your support means a lot to us and to every individual we help in Gaza, reaffirming the shared strength of humanity in facing challenges.

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Support Gaza's resilience in crisis. Join our campaign, providing immediate aid to those affected by the ongoing conflict and winter. Donate today.

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