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Help IEF and Heeringa Construction to build an egg barn in Honduras

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We use eggs in undernourished populations to improve nutrition, health and education.


International Egg Foundation (IEF) are partnering with Keith Heeringa of Heeringa Construction to create a 3000 capacity egg farm in the Agalta Valley, Honduras.

The Project is supporting Honduras Outreach International (HOI) and One Egg to increase access to high-quality protein in the form of eggs in the region.

Who this will be helping?

• The new egg farm will increase the capacity and reach of the “1000 Days of Life” Programme, which focusses on providing critical nutrition and care during the first 1000 days of a child's life, from conception to the age of two. Nutrition comes in the form of an egg every day for the child, mother and the child’s family. Currently the programme serves 56 families but with the increased egg production this will be able to grow to over 100 families.

• The farm will provide eggs to the children at the local HOI Hope School, to help support their growth and development.

• This project will improve commercial access to eggs in the Agalta Valley, where access to eggs and adequate nutrition is low.

Heeringa Construction have stepped up to oversee project managing the build of the egg barn, as well donating time and labour to deliver the construction. In addition, Keith Heeringa and his family have generously donated the first $10,000 to start the initial works.

Why Eggs ?

• In many regions of the world diets are lacking in high-quality protein and essential nutrients for healthy brain and body function.

• Eggs contain 13 different vitamins and minerals required by the body and have been proven to be associated with better mental and physical growth, particularly benefitting those in low-resource settings.

• Their wide range of micronutrients and impressive bioavailability means that eggs are considered one of the most valuable animal-source foods in the world.

• Furthermore, eggs are recognised as a high-quality protein, supporting child growth and development in populations characterised by high rates of child undernutrition.

If you'd like to find out more about IEF and our projects, please visit our website.

About the charity

The IEF uses the nutritional, environmental, social and economic power of the egg to unlock human potential. We aim to create an independent and sustainable food supply by developing local knowledge and entrepreneurship in protein deficient populations. 501(c)(3) organization (EIN: 47-5526209)

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