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Summit, 21 October 2023
Project Child Save
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Tara Vitality Oct '23 Summit: Breaking Free From The Past

Event Date: October 21st, 2023

About the Event:

Tara Vitality's foundational event, the Oct '23 Summit, aims to guide individuals on a transformative journey. Our mission is to help people liberate themselves from past burdens that may hold them back. In addition to providing transformative insights, this summit will spotlight our recent collaborations, announce exciting products, and establish a community of dedicated professionals.

Why Project Child Save?:

Tara Vitality isn’t just about empowering individuals – it’s about creating a brighter future for everyone. A future where every child is safe. That's why we've chosen to support Project Child Save, an organization that works tirelessly to rescue innocent children from the clutches of human traffickers. Every child deserves freedom, safety, and a chance at a bright future.

Why I am doing this:

I, Elvis Tadlanek, founder of Tara Vitality, believe in the power of collective healing. As we seek freedom and growth, it's essential to remember those in dire situations, especially innocent children. Supporting Project Child Save is not just a donation; it's an act that resonates with our core values – of freedom, empowerment, and love. By aiding this cause, we ensure our mission isn't just about individual growth, but about building a society where every child can live without fear.

How You Can Help:

Donate: No amount is too small. Your contribution directly aids the efforts to rescue children from trafficking.

Share: Spread the word about this fundraiser on social media, with friends, and within your community.

Participate: Join us at the Tara Vitality Oct '23 Summit. While the knowledge and transformation are rewarding, knowing that you're part of a larger mission makes it even more special.

About Tara Vitality:

Tara Vitality is a beacon of transformation. We stand for freedom – from external constraints and internal struggles. Our range of products, designed in collaboration with talented artists, and our forthcoming services, including personal training and courses, echo our mission of holistic well-being. Beyond commerce, we advocate for deep societal values, emphasizing individual freedom, financial independence, and authentic connection between fellow human beings, as well as with the whole of creation.



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