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Veterans Pull for Ukraine

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Veterans Pull for Ukraine, 23 February 2024
We Rescue and rehabilitate animals to provide relief and aid to those in need


"75 miles, pulling a trailer, continuously by hand.

On Saturday the 24th of February, members of Breaking The Chains and a team of volunteers will be pulling a trailer continuously 75 miles on foot and by hand. The challenge will run through the night and finish around 10am on Sunday the 25th of February. This will be a very challenging event but nothing compared to those suffering due to the war.

We are doing this to raise awareness and support for the continued efforts of Breaking the Chains within Ukraine to save the lives of and ease the suffering of animals and people desperately still in need of help and support. On this day, the war enters its third year since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion in 2022.

As each day passes, the needs of those in Ukraine, particularly those in conflict areas, get greater and the innocent death tolls continue to rise. Ukraine needs the world's continued support not only to save lives but also to rebuild them both now and long after the war ends.

Breaking The Chains has been in Ukraine every day since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. They have saved and changed countless lives, both animal and human. Their team specializes in evacuating animals from conflict areas, they have built their own shelter in central Ukraine, they run a veterans rehabilitation program that helps severely wounded veterans heal alongside their animals, they help orphanages, hospitals, villagers stuck in front-line villages, and run a survival bag program for those most desperately in need.

They are solely dedicated to preserving life and easing the suffering of all they can. This challenge is not only to raise awareness and support towards ongoing struggles in Ukraine but also to highlight the importance of unity and standing up for those who cannot do so for themselves.

Your support and donations will go a long way and be vital in saving and changing lives for those most in need."

About the charity

Breaking the Chains International is a charitable organisation founded by Tom S-N in February 2022 amidst the war between Russia and Ukraine. We specialise in rescuing animals of all species and sizes from arduous conditions around the world, and are committed to providing relief and aid to animals affected by conflict, disasters, and other emergencies. Our mission goes beyond just rescue operation. With a shelter in Ukraine, we are committed to rehabilitating animals physically and emotionally. By providing medical treatment, nourishment and a nurturing environment, we ensure they receive the care and compassion they need to recover from their past experiences. At Breaking the Chains, our mission is driven by compassion, empathy, and a deep love for animals. We believe that every life is valuable and that animals deserve to be protected and cared for, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

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