An evening of Stand Up Poetry + Music + Cartoons.


When - Monday 29th November
Show Time - 8.30pm
Where - Screen on the Green Cinema, 83 Upper Street, London N1 
Tickets - £15
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Why are we doing this?

To raise money and awareness for EIA and specifically highlighting Tigers, since it is Chinese Year of the Tiger.

Who are they?

EIA is an independent organisation that investigates, exposes and campaigns against the illegal trade in wildlife and the destruction of the natural environment. Go here for more info

Why is it important? This is what Debbie Banks from EIA had to say -

"The Tiger has been voted the world's favourite animal and has mesmerised man for centuries. It is the national symbol of 6 of the countries which make up its wild home, is the vehicle of the goddess Durga, is a source of spiritual inspiration to millions and is the symbol of our future; for where there are tigers, there are the forests that secure our water, mitigate climate change and enrich all our lives. Yet the wild tiger's future is at a tipping point. The population has crashed from over 100,000 a hundred years ago, to little over 3000 today. Saving the wild tiger is not rocket science; populations can recover if given protection from poachers and if given enough prey, water and forest to breed and disperse without coming into conflict with people and livestock. Ending the tiger trade is good for tigers and good for other Asian big cats. Skins are used for luxury home décor and taxidermy in China. Nothing traditional or cultural about that, just vanity and status. Farmed tiger parts are turned into tiger bone wine and sold in tiger-shaped bottles, marketed as a prestigious gift for the boss. If governments were truly committed to saving the wild tiger, they would do everything they can to stop demand and give the wild tiger the breathing space it needs to recover. After all, if we can't save the tiger, what can we save?"

So come join the rip roaring fun. Donate £15 in return for a fantastic night of stand up poetry, music and delicious cartoons.

If you have any questions please contact Sophia on +44 (0)20 73547960 or


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Raising money for

Environmental Investigation Agency

Environmental Investigation Agency

Charity Registration No. 1145359

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is an independent campaigning organisation committed to bringing about change that protects the natural world from environmental crime and abuse.

Raising money for

Run by Environmental Investigation Agency

Charity Registration No. 1145359

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See you there!

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cheers! See you Monday x

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Good luck with the event!

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Both of us are looking forward to the evening .Jules

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Looking forward to it. Thanks very much

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This is for 4 tickets for the event. Thanks David

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Hi This is for 3 of us on the night. Looking forward to it. Lauren

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Yo! tiger, tiger,, dude.

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the line about the ticket to an event never appeared, but I'd like to attend the Imagine a Tiger evening (sorry, should have donated more for postage)

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