CFS/ME is one of those illness’s that remains invisible. Only a few people – over 250,000 in the UK and over 1,000,000 in the USA – know all too well that it exists.

I'm into my 5th year with CFS/ME and I want to help make it visible.

So I’m planning on walking a marathon on June 9th.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Steve, people run marathons all the time. You’re just walking a marathon. What’s the deal?”

Well, there are times when walking 100 metres puts me out of action for days. There are stretches of time (days, weeks) when I need to concentrate with every step so that I don’t fall over. There are times when any kind of movement hurts so much that I want to throw up.

So please believe me when I say that walking a marathon – a friggin’ marathon – is just about the biggest challenge I can imagine.

I want to take this on for 3 reasons.

1. I’m so fucking lucky to be able to get around and take care of myself. There are forgotten people with this illness who are bed-ridden, entirely dependent on others with no quality of life. This illness even kills people. I have a duty to do something.

2. I want to raise funds to help people with the illness and to support research into it. Right now, there’s virtually no research into the cause of this chronic illness, let alone into treatment or a cure.

3. I want to make the invisible visible. There’s a huge amount of work to be done to have people see what this illness does and how it destroys lives. I don’t need you to care and I don’t need you to understand; all I ask is that you see.

Honestly, I have no idea what my body is capable of supporting. I have no idea if I’m physically capable of walking a marathon or what the cost will be if I am.

I'll find out the same time you do.

Get all the latest updates over at and find more ways to get involved.

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Did it! Thanks so much to all of you who've supported this effort, and to the friends who gave up their time to join me on the day.

12/06/13 10:52

Just a few days to go and the flare-up has pretty much passed, yeah! It hasn't been pretty, but I'm now focused on being as healthy as I can possibly be (what I eat, how I move, how I think) so that I'm in great shape on Sunday. Please keep your support coming in; you're great!

03/06/13 06:23

Stopped. Floored. Hurting. M.E. / CFS is biting *really* hard right now, and it's taking everything I've got just to stand upright and walk a few steps. Hard to believe I'm the same person who walked a half-marathon, and impossible to see what might happen next.

19/05/13 10:35

May 5 - Walk a half marathon! Left me reeling a bit, but it's one hell of a milestone. Watch the vid here -

06/05/13 03:47

Raising money for

Action for M.E.

Action for M.E.

Charity Registration No. 1036419

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) is a disabling and chronic illness, devastating the lives of 250,000 people in the UK. Action for M.E. provides support and information for those touched by M.E., and campaigns for better services and invests in research to ultimately find a cure.

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You rock, Steve!

Donation by Melissa on 16/08/13


Energy is important. And as the owner of a sub-par thyroid I know well what the lack of it feels like. That you could project so much energy amazes me. Rock on!

Donation by L. A. Silberman on 07/08/13


Steve, glad to give a bit of help.

Donation by Michael Cavitt on 04/08/13


Keep inspiring mate!

Donation by Tim Brownson on 30/07/13


Congratulations to you, Steve! You are truly inspiring!!! Thank you!!!

Donation by on 07/07/13

Wow ! What an amazing achievement and an awesome thing to do to raise awareness.

Donation by Cassie on 18/06/13


text donation

Donation by Anonymous on 15/06/13


via sms

Well done Steve and thank you for sharing your journey.

Donation by Yvonne on 15/06/13

Donation by The Family on 14/06/13


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Go Steve!

Donation by Elisabetta Viggiani on 14/06/13

WOW! I'll join you next time if you want support!! SUPERB EFFORT!!

Donation by Sarah Debenham on 11/06/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Well done buddy

Donation by Daniel Tubb on 11/06/13


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Donation by Dom W on 10/06/13


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Donation by S Allport on 10/06/13


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I reckon it's worth it as well. Well done Steve!!! xx

Donation by Kim Murray on 09/06/13


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Well done Steve, I knew you'd do it :)

Donation by Jamie Beaumont on 09/06/13


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Im so proud of you little bro! Xxx

Donation by s town on 09/06/13


Good Luck Steve - I'm so impressed you are doing this! Jxx

Donation by Julie Gambling on 08/06/13


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Donation by Anonymous on 08/06/13


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Thank you for being someone that has M.E. but is not defined by it! Have a great day - don't let the scaremongers get you down :)

Donation by Anonymous on 04/06/13


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Congrats on the half, Steve! Best wishes for a successul marathon!

Donation by Anonymous on 03/06/13


As a sufferer of M.E myself, I think that what you are doing is brilliant.Good luck with the event Stay positive.

Donation by Anneka Bracken on 31/05/13


Good luck from R/GA

Donation by Anonymous on 28/05/13

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Donation by Anonymous on 26/05/13


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Good luck Steve, this is amazing.

Donation by Jenny Beal on 23/05/13


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