As I'm guessing many of you who are visiting this page realise, I lost about 80% of my hair about a year and a half ago. While its not a life threatening condition at all, it knocks you back - big time. 

Its quite hard to explain to someone who hasn't gone through it, how much of an impact it can have on your day-to-day life. Things like going out to the shops become an almost impossible task. If you catch eyes with someone for slightly too long, you assume their looking at you because of your shiny bald head. Going on a night out in the town becomes akin to an obsticle course of avoiding glares from other people - rather than enjoying yourself.

Alopecia is (at least, this is what the clever scientists think - no one really knows for certain) a auto-immune condition. In its simple form, they believe that your body starts to believe the hair on your body isn't friendly, and the body begins to fight it off - causing the baldness. Finding cures for auto-immune diseases is hard, so while I'm probably not raising money to find a cure, I'm raising money for a community of people who really help when things get you down.

I always have regretted not raising money for charity when I shaved my hair off, so here is my chance to put that right. I am running a half marathon in aid of Alopecia UK. Alopecia UK provides an excellent fountain of knowledge and a fantastic community for those with all kinds of hair loss, no matter how big or how small. They arrange meetups, they keep sufferers up to date with the latest information on the disease, and they can help put you on the track to find inner peace with the disease. It has helped me immensely throughout my time of coping with the disease, and I know for a fact it has helped MANY others.

So please, if you have a few quid lying around, please don't be afraid to chuck it in their direction.



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Alopecia UK

Alopecia UK

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Alopecia UK provides information, advice and support to children and adults with alopecia, a hair loss condition that can result in complete loss of head hair, eye-lashes, eyebrows and all other body hair. It is an extremely challenging condition and the dramatic appearance change often results in psychological trauma, and lost confidence. There is reduced control of body temperature, dirt and perspiration get into unprotected eyes, absence of eye lashes allows eye lids to turn in, and unprotected skin burns readily in even moderate sunshine. There is no known cure and no treatment guaranteed to induce hair re-growth and sustain remission. The course of the condition is unpredictable and often recurrent. Alopecia UK is there to help.

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Hey stalked you from reddit - good work!

Donation by Si on 22/10/12


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Hey bro, sorry the donation took so long, can't wait to go on tour again! ;)

Donation by Bazzy Brah. on 21/10/12


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Well Done Sam!! Good Luck!

Donation by Rosie Perrett on 21/10/12


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hi sam. good look for tomorrow. hope all goes well.

Donation by colin jones on 20/10/12


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Sorry for being a rubbish person and not doing it sooner. But good luck pal.

Donation by Lily Irvine on 20/10/12


Good Luck Sam x

Donation by Suzanne Smith on 20/10/12


Donation by sandra stone on 19/10/12


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Good luck mate!

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Good luck :)

Donation by Jasmine Freeborn on 03/10/12


Even though we don't get on I love you and miss you very much! ALWAYS be here for anything. You're my brother and I want to help

Donation by charlotte stone on 03/10/12


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Good luck Sam! :) We will be there to cheer you on :) xxx

Donation by Laura Harvey on 01/10/12


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Good luck Sammy. :)

Donation by Ruby Mills on 01/10/12


Good luck petal...we'll get a sausage sandwich ready at the finish line :-D

Donation by Debbie Harris on 01/10/12


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Sam Stone

Donation by Connor Eggett on 01/10/12


Every little helps right :)

Donation by Rob McMorran on 01/10/12


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