Sharks: the more we know about them, the more fascinating they become.

Shark Rescue has partnered with the Shark and Coral Conservation Trust in order to protect sharks and ocean health. For our Winter Campaign, our Shark Rescue Duo will run in this year's Gobi Desert March

The race is part of the Racing the Planet endurance series, and Delian Gaskell and Denvy Lo will put their fitness to the test as they hike through 250km of the Gobi Desert in 6 days. This is one of the toughest terrains on the planet, a wild and unforgiving place, and they're taking on this challenge to help Shark Rescue. Click here to meet our Shark Rescue Champions!

What your donation will do for sharks:

   +  From every donation, 25% goes to the Shark and Coral Conservation Trust to protect shark habitats.

   +  With the balance, Shark Rescue will:

                +  Use DNA testing to find out what species of shark is being sold in Hong Kong.

                +  Build cases to bring traders and sellers to court.

                +  Support our Winter Campaign - get a sneak peak of our Thank-you Card!

Help us hamper the shark trade and help those committed to saving sharks!

Why Save Sharks?

Shark populations are collapsing due to overfishing - we're killing them faster than they can reproduce. When it comes to shark survival, it's a numbers game and people are winning by a long shot.

    +  Sharks have lived in the oceans for over 400 million years - long before the dinosaurs roamed the planet.

    +  The International Union for Conservation of Nature reports that over 30% of open-ocean sharks are now vulnerable to extinction.

    +  For the roughly 350 different species, time is running out.

Learn more about sharks and the awful facts about the shark trade by downloading and sharing our presentation:  
A Threat to Our Future

Support us as we do our work - support Delian and Denvy as they race across the Gobi Desert!

All money raised goes to saving sharks and protecting the oceans! Delian and Denvy have paid for race costs (registration, licenses, flights, etc.) themselves.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and completely secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving - they will never sell or use them to send you unwanted emails. Once you donate, JustGiving sends your money directly to the Shark and Coral Conservation Trust, and ensures that Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. It’s the most efficient, secure way to donate to your preferred cause.

So please dig deep and donate now.

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Raising money for

Shark and Coral Conservation Trust

Shark and Coral Conservation Trust

Charity Registration No. 1121609

The SCCT is dedicated to spreading awareness to the general public of the impacts of oceanic acidification (reducing the calcification processes) and excessive shark depletion. Both are currently having impacts on a global basis in commercial, social, industrial,cultural and political fields.

Raising money for

Run by Shark and Coral Conservation Trust

Charity Registration No. 1121609

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Well done Denvy, your achievement is unbelievable and the sharks of the world will thankyou for ever!!!!

Donation by FiveTen Asia on 28/07/10


Dear Denvy, Well done. Edward & Cynthia

Donation by Cynthia Chow on 06/07/10


Hey Denvy, awesome effort and amazing result! congrats.

Donation by Adam Reynolds on 06/07/10


hi Denvy, we were so impressed reading out your amazing triumph - 1st woman and 11th overall!! You've definitely earned the sharks more sponsorship.

Donation by Chris and Gemma on 06/07/10


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

Well done, hope you'll meet your target soon! :)

Donation by Trish Tan on 05/07/10

Denvy, YOU ROCK!! Congratulations on your place. It truly is the greatest physical achievement I have ever heard of!! Outstanding!!

Donation by Danielle HUBER on 05/07/10

Hey, I told my mum and sisters about your feat, and they were really impressed. So here is their support in action :)

Donation by Wan Lin on 04/07/10

Hi Denvy and Delian, Reading blogs, I am staggered by your courage and fortitude - how can the SCCT thank both of you enough. Denvy 1st - Brill

Donation by Montagu Douglas Halls on 04/07/10


+ £5.64 Gift Aid

Denvy-well done - amazing achievement and amazing first place! You and those sharkes deserve some more sponsorship from us after such a heroic result!

Donation by TERESA THORRINGTON on 04/07/10


+ £28.21 Gift Aid

Well done, Denvy. You are a superstar!

Donation by Jill Taylor on 04/07/10

Well done Denvy! You are amazing :) (Kareen, Zhizai, emily, Xiujun, Wanlin)

Donation by 23rd HCJC Tahanners on 04/07/10

Go random stranger raising money for sharks. PZ plugged you and I love sharks so have some money.

Donation by Iain Ross on 03/07/10


+ £14.10 Gift Aid

You are walking the talk. :) Btw your secret godson's 5 months old today!

Donation by Jan Lin on 02/07/10


Run Denvy Run!! You're an inspiration :)

Donation by Elsie Wong on 02/07/10


Run Denvy run! Almost there!

Donation by Olya Korzh on 02/07/10


ON ON Denvy Dee and Raymond

Donation by Deirdre Butler on 02/07/10


Donation by David McNerney on 01/07/10


Donation by Anonymous on 01/07/10


Go Denvy! We're behind you. (not literally ;)) xx Sarah & Amber

Donation by Sarah Toogood on 01/07/10


Best of luck Denvy. You're an inspiration.

Donation by Bruce Stephens on 29/06/10


Good luck, Denvy! I could have lent you a pair of huskies!

Donation by Tara Brennan on 28/06/10


Awesome work Denvy, part inspirational, part grade 'A' nutter but great work! I promise to keep you updated on the office world cup latest!

Donation by Matt A and Em on 28/06/10


Delian, what you're doing is amazing: a personal journey & a physical struggle while also supporting your man. You are woman! Hear her roar! :)

Donation by Tracy Kamel on 27/06/10

You're such an inspiration Denvy! I know you will get through this, keep your spirits up and stay warm ok? Run Denvy Run! :)

Donation by Janice Tan on 27/06/10


You're an inspiration to us all, you go girl! You can do it :)

Donation by Jacqueline Ko on 25/06/10


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