"Of old it was said to the needy and suffering people in the kingdom of Egypt: 'Go to Joseph, and do all that he should say to you.' (Gen 41:55). The same is now said by the Sovereign Pontiff to all needy and suffering people in the kingdom of the Church: GO TO JOSEPH...

What was truly said of the first Joseph, as to his future, and as to his goodness, his chastity, his patience, his wisdom, his influence with the king, his power over the people, and his love for his brethren, is verified much more perfectly, even to this day, in the second JOSEPH."
                 - Herbert Cardinal Vaughan - Archbishop of Westminster

The National Shrine of St Joseph is located at the Benedictine Abbey of St Michael's in Farnborough, only 30 miles south of London. With a direct train line with London Waterloo and the fact that the train station in Farnborough is almost across the road from the entrance to the monastery, means that pilgrims to the National Shrine can travel from the centre of London to the Shrine in just 40 mins.

Devotion to St Joseph, especially in England, is badly needed and the small Benedictine community at Farnborough is proud to house this focus of devotion and to help it grow with the grace of God.  The community would like to build a tea shop and toilet facilities to enable organised pilgrimages to be welcomed and devotion fostered.

Any funds donated for this worthwhile project are deeply appreciated.

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St Michael's Abbey

St Michael's Abbey

Charity Registration No. 326241

A contemplative Catholic monastery of the Benedictine Order. The monks live the Benedictine life in its classic form. At the heart of its life is the solemn celebration of the liturgy, sung in Latin to Gregorian Chant. The Farnborough monks operate a farm, apiary, bookbindery, publishing house, & traditional hospitality.

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Thank you

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Please help JWHO at his interview on Friday

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Its not much. its all I have. Please help my father now, and get him safely home, and this business to success. Next will be a thousand. Thank you.

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Please St. Joseph, Help me. Thank you.

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Thank you St. Joseph. JMJ.

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BENEDICITE, omnia opera Domini, Domino; laudate et superexaltate eum in saecula.

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Thanks St. Joseph. I place these things in your very capable hands. JMJ.

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Thank you ST. Joseph. I rely on you. One of Your other foster sons, Paul jmj

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In Memory of a loved one,Rest in Peace.

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Thanks friend. Please protect me and mine and take care of these issues and things:)

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For Charl and Mags

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st, Joseph intercede for my children 's faith

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Thank you St Joseph, for our most Holy family.

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Thank you God, our Lady, and St. Joseph et al.

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St. Joseph pray for us

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I have a great devotion to St Joseph

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