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Challenge number 2 and 3 are on!

Following a successful world record marathon bus attempt, the next stage of my 10 years clear challenge year is here.

Next up, I am trying to get 99 other runners/joggers/walkers to join me back at the 10k that started it all while on chemo 10 years ago.

And, for those unable to join me, I have also launched a www.100kourway.co.uk website to encourage as many people as possible to get moving.

I am so grateful to everyone for getting involved and helping raise as much money as possible for amazing causes!

Thank you for your support.


We did it! A team of 10 (with a few support runners), wiped 23 minutes off the world record. What an amazing day it was. Thanks so everyone for the donations!

Please keep donating.

Thank you for visiting our team fundraising pages for Breast Cancer Now, NHS Charities Together and Willow Foundation.

2024 is a massive year as it represents 10 years from my (Jackie Scully) breast cancer diagnosis. 10 years ago, I didn't think I'd be around to write this message.

Movement is my life insurance policy. Having turned to running during cancer treatment (which for someone with a reconstructed pelvis was no mean feat), I have spent the last 10 years searching for my physical edges to find out what is truly possible when we push our bodies to new limits.

The best part hasn’t been achieving big goals on my own, but seeing what can be achieved when you work as a team. That’s why, for 2024, I have set up five team challenges and would love you to support us as we move our way throughout the year.

1) COMPLETED Marathon in a 10-person costume: 10 years, 10 people and a 10-person London bus will be making its way to the London Marathon start line this year. We’re hoping to break a world record too!

Meet some of the team:

Alex Weight: Having followed Jackie’s journey, I am so happy and proud to be by her side… or on the bus ‘seat’ behind her at least. However for me, this challenge also has a second and very important significance. As 2024 also marks my Mum’s own ’10 years clear’ of breast cancer. At that time, I had just started running, training for my first ever Great South Run. But Mum’s diagnosis pushed me further. Mile after mile, the roads and pavements became my therapy and within a year, not long after her treatment ended, I ran my first marathon in Bournemouth. It was during this time that I also re-connected with Jackie, an old secondary school friend, who too, was navigating her own way through this awful disease. I reached out to offer some support, but I can’t help but think that along with it, I may have made some contribution to this crazy running idea… never thinking we’d be where we are now! I’m grateful this time however that I am training to celebrate and say a massive ‘thank you’ to all those who have helped two very special people and continue to help fight breast cancer.

Michael Long: I am doing this event for a couple of key reasons. First, to support and celebrate Jackie. She has been an inspiration to me since I met her in 2018. I sometimes doubt whether I can do a challenge like this and within a few moments she has me back to knowing we can as a team and has me fired up to move and live life. Ultimately, it’s a chance to have fun and be part of a team of new friends. I also want to continue to raise crucial funds for the work that Breast Cancer Now does both to support people undergoing treatment as well as research into new treatments itself.

Aileen Rice-Jones: While I said I would never run a marathon, I am always up for a challenge, although usually on two wheels rather than two legs! Previous challenges include cycling 205 miles across England by sunset, cycling 200kms once a month for a whole year, and spending over 29 hours in a spin class. As a non-runner I am new to the world of winter running (which is not my happy place), but am is committed to the cause for such excellent charities. I am currently enjoying finding small joys in running and seeing just how far my two feet can take me.

Fran Walker: As a working mum of two, I find life can sometimes get a bit much. I took up running 10 years ago when my elder daughter was just over a year old and my wonderful friend Jackie was going through treatment for breast cancer. I thought Jackie was mad when she said she wanted to run 10km! She said she needed it to feel alive and keep the smile on her face! And, I had no idea how much I needed that too. Jogging helps with my mental as well as my physical health. I run away from the house, work off any frustrations, and return feeling so much better.

Kate Rham: I first met Jackie 10 years ago when I supported her through her first 10k for Breast Cancer Care. Inspired, I began my own running journey and have been pounding pavements ever since. And we’ve become firm friends, taking on plenty of amazing adventures together. Breast Cancer Now is an extraordinary organisation, one I am so proud to work for. I have witnessed first-hand the power of the charity’s support and information. My Mum came home from hospital with leaflets after her diagnosis and found them to be a lifeline during her treatment. 10 years on, in 2019 Mum and I ran ten 10ks to celebrate the her 10 years clear milestone. I feel so lucky to have been able to conquer those kilometres by her side. I am so inspired by these two extraordinary women. Mum and Jackie remind me every day that we have the power to conquer, to succeed and to shine. My marathon is for them, and for everyone facing breast cancer.

2) 100 people run the London 10k: On 14 July, I am returning to the 10k I ran on chemo and getting 99 other people to join me.

3) 24 peaks in 48 hours: That’s a lot of hills to climb in just two days in the Lakes.

4) 100k across the Sahara Desert: Hot, sweaty trekking fun.

5) 100k our way challenge: Encouraging as many people as possible to commit to cover 100km across the year (walking, running, swimming, dancing etc).

When I was ill, I vowed to raise £100k for charity in 10 years (team efforts up to £93k in 9 years). But, I have decided to bring everyone together this year to raise a full £100k in just 12 months! Eeek!

Why Breast Cancer Now? This amazing charity supported me through treatment, gave me trusted advice, helped me meet life-long friends and never feel alone. I owe them so much.

Why NHS Charities Together? We all know someone who has had their lives saved by the NHS. The NHS is the reason I can run and the reason I am still here today to celebrate this massive milestone.

Why Willow Foundation? This brilliant charity helped me find the light in the darkness, giving me a special day out so I could remind myself that it’s the quality of our days that matters, not the quantity of them.

Every penny will genuinely change lives. We are so grateful to you for your kindness and support.

Thank you so much for reading – and supporting. It means the world to us.

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