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The Big Beehive Build

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Thank you for visiting The Big Beehive Build team’s Just Giving page. We cannot thank you enough for choosing to support the team’s upcoming challenge in Tanzania.

For three days, the team of nine food industry professionals will swap their desks and ipads in the UK for hammers, nails, pliers, wires and timber in Tanzania’s Nou Forest.


Every year, Tanzania loses around 300,000 hectares of forest – 1,500 football fields every day. Forest loss reduces water supply for nearby communities and as they struggle to grow enough to eat, they turn to cutting down trees for survival – destroying the very resource they need to survive for the long term. It’s a vicious cycle and one which we hope to help break.

Farm Africa

That’s where Farm Africa comes in, teaching communities to make money through forest-friendly businesses like honey production to protect the forests for generations to come.

The Big Beehive Build

Working alongside the local bee-keeping group, the team will attempt to build 90 beehives in just 3 days! These Langstroth hives will help kick-start profitable and sustainable honey farming businesses for the Erri beekeeping group.

Food for Good

This challenge is part of the wider Food for Good campaign which is bringing together the food and hospitality industry in response to the global challenge of hunger.

Together, the industry has pledged to raise £5 million to help 70,000 people move out of hunger and poverty forever.

Your donation

By making a donation today you are helping more farmers to grow themselves out of hunger and poverty – for good. Please keep to see how hard the team are working for your donation and to hear about their progress straight from the field.  

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Raised: 67%

Team target: £50,000.00

Raised so far: £33,652.36

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The Big Beehive Build

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Ann Savage

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April's Big Beehive Build

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Judith's Big Beehive Build

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Kate Ewart

Kate's Big Beehive Build

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Lorraine's Big Beehive Build

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Marnie's Big Beehive Build

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Rachel's Big Beehive Build

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Susie's Big Beehive Build

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