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Colin's 3 Hills for 3 Charities Cycling Challenge - Sept 2020

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My name is Colin Holmes and I'm taking on this challenge because the three 2020 charity events I committed to raise funds for have been cancelled and deferred until 2021. Due to Covid 19, just like lots of other sectors, charities have been hit hard during the pandemic and are missing the revenue.

So, I thought I would do my own combi fundraising event which supports all 3 charities. Like the quote “Decide, Commit, Succeed”, I’ve done the Decide and Commit, and I’m confident with your help and support I’ll Succeed!

At least 10 loops of my three local hills – Bell Lane, Strickens Lane & Long Lane. My aim, with your help, is to raise £1,500 in total, split equally amongst all 3 charities.

I have Prostate Cancer, please take a few moments to read my personal story/experience with each Organisation/Charity and donate to one or more of them, please click on the respective link/s to my fundraising pages shown at the foot of this page. 

I have associated each hill with each of the charities. please read....

Bell Lane – a nod to Rosemere Cancer Foundation within Preston Hospital. Within the Radiotherapy section there is a Bell on the wall which gets rung when a patient has completed their course of radiotherapy, or chemotherapy. When I am riding up this hill, I will think of all those who have been able to ring that Bell or are currently having treatment and are looking forward to ringing it. Also, I will be thinking about all the people I’ve met and chatted to over the years over a coffee in the Rosemere café.

Strickens Lane – a nod to Macmillan Cancer Support. Aptly named for all those stricken with cancer and the invaluable help and support that the team at Macmillan provide. They are dedicated to helping others. So, when I am riding up this hill, my motivation and thoughts will be with those who’ve been stricken by cancer along with their family and friends who can also be supported by the Macmillan Team.

Long Lane – for Prostate Cancer UK. This hill is the longest of the three in my ‘3 Hills Challenge’, it’s starts off with a slight gradient and then there’s a 13% kick to get over and then it gradually rises and flattens out before the ‘T’ junction at the top. This hill can represent a lot of things that people face in life, whether it is a physical or mental illness, or indeed anything we are attempting or going through. Effort and determination are needed to get over the steep part, but it gets easier, however you need to keep pedalling! Of course, the support of others can help.

Best Regards


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Raised: 70%

Team target: £1,500.00

Raised so far: £1,045.00

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Colin Holmes

Colin's 3 Hills for Rosemere Cycling Challenge - Sept 2020

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Colin Holmes

Colin's 3 Hills for Macmillan Cycling Challenge - Sept 2020

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Colin Holmes

Colin's 3 Hills for Prostate Cancer UK Cycling Challenge - Sept 2020

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