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Every Day in May 2016

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Every Day in May is an annual charity event, raising money for Dimbleby Cancer Care, that takes place every day in May! Participants pledge to cover 5km (3.1 miles) or 10km (6.2 miles), every day, by any self-powered means; a combination of walking, cycling, dancing, scootering, rowing – the choice is all yours.

When we started EDIM in 2012 it was just a running event but we quickly realised it was too restrictive for lots of people so we’ve widened it out to the purposefully generic term ‘self-powered’. So far we have had running, swimming, walking, cycling, in-line skating, as well as mixed finale sessions including Saturday Night Fevering in pyjamas!

The beauty of this event is that it is a personal challenge, not a race. And it can be done anywhere at any time of day. You can be as creative as you want if that’s your thing. We want everyone to be fit and healthy and to enjoy the outdoors. The event gets you active outside, improving your health and fitness, and in the process you raise cash for charity, improving the lives of others less fortunate. Everyone wins.

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Raised: 77%

Team target: £15,000.00

Raised so far: £11,495.07

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Allison frend

Allison's page

2 donations



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Allyson Speirs

Ally`s page

1 donation



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Anne Bodenham

Annie's raising money for Dimbleby Cancer Care

34 donations



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Carys Graham

Carys 'n' Michele

4 donations



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Chris Moos

Every day in May 2016

13 donations



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Clair Surridge

Clair's page

5 donations



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Diane Shaw

Diane 10k every day

43 donations



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Hannah Monteith

Hannah's EDIM 2016

20 donations



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Helen John

Helen's Every Day in May 2016 page

17 donations



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Iain Haeger

fitnat family Every Day in May

18 donations



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Lee Robb

Every Day in May 2016

17 donations



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Lottie Murphy

Lottie's EVERY DAY IN MAY Page

6 donations



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Lucy Morris

Lucy's 10k Every Day in May for DCC

34 donations



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matthew key

1000KM throughout May 2016 for EDIM and Dimbleby Cancer Care

4 donations



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Nicola Deane-Simmons

Nicky's Every Day in May 2016 page

12 donations



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Paula Hargadon

Paula & Peggy's Every Day in May 10km Challenge!

18 donations



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Rebecca Hill

Rebecca EDIM page

11 donations



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Sally Pinnegar

Every Day in May 2016

54 donations



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Stella Stothart

Stella's Every Day in May

14 donations



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Susan Key

Susan's page

22 donations



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Thomas Johnston

Every Day in May 2016

55 donations



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Zoe Roan

Roan Family - 5K Every Day in May - 2016

15 donations



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