On Saturday 28th May 2011 I will be 'walking for daisy' on Rodborough common to raise money for this sweet little cat who should not have suffered in the way she has.

This is her story, please sponsor me & help raise money for Daisy!:

On Tuesday 3rd May a little Tabby Cat called Daisy was found with horrific injuries and close to death dumped near Teckels Animal Shelter. At first the staff at Teckels believed that she had been a victim of a Road Traffic Accident due to the severity of her injuries but sadly after examination by the vets it has become clear that this is no accident and this poor little cat was a victim of a deliberate and sickening sexual assault. She has been subjected to a violent and horrific ordeal. Not only was she taken from her home but she was then beaten and left for dead. She lost half her body weight in blood and suffered broken teeth, a fractured skull, a black eye, a dislocated tail which has now has had to be amputated but worse of all she was violently raped. Her poor broken little body was found by the amazing staff at Teckels who immediately got her into Vetinary care. The Police are investigating the despicable and utterly heinous crime and DNA evidence is present. Daisy was not an abandoned cat as previously reported she was and still is a much loved and cherished little pet who was just going about her normal daily routine at her home when she so violently and horrendously violated. The Vets and Staff and her loving owner are desperately keeping their fingers and toes crossed that she will be able to recover and resume a normal life after this un-believable and disgusting attack. Originally it seemed that she may have suffered such extensive damage to her little body she might not have been able to perform normal necessary toilet functions and to add insult to all the injury she suffered she might still have had to be put to sleep BUT that is thankfully no longer the case and we are all so pleased that she is recovering.

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Teckels Animal Sanctuaries

Teckels Animal Sanctuaries

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Teckels Animal Sanctuaries was established in 2003. As long as we have room, we will take in any cats or dogs looking for a home. We do not discriminate against old or sick animals. Our vet bills average over £5k per month and it costs us around £20k per month to run the centre overall!

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Run by Teckels Animal Sanctuaries

Charity Registration No. 1108726

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I was shocked and saddened by Daisy's story. And I'm glad there are people like you in the world, doing what you do. Keep it up :-)

Donation by Jason on 09/06/11


Lots of love to you Daisy and we hope that you make a full recovery. Well done Laura! Heather and George Chambers

Donation by Heather Chambers on 07/06/11


this is in addition to the money i raised in cash & gave to teckels on the day of daisy's walk. i am donating it to you so that you can pass it on.

Donation by kat himmel on 31/05/11


My friends Brenda & Richard also 'Walked for Daisy' & have been doing lots of profile-raising! Lots of love Daisy from feline buddies Rusty & Zola. xx

Donation by Kim Graakjaer on 31/05/11


#WLF - donated on behalf of John Simpson cat and Nigella the girl cat

Donation by @urban_penguin on 29/05/11


Every little helps and what a catastic sum raised. Well done all staff of the mighty #WLF Whiskas Liberation Front who #walkedforDaisy #VIVA

Donation by @NemesisRepublic of the #WLF on 29/05/11

Donation by Nicholas Newton on 28/05/11


Darling Daisy, you are such a brave little girl - I live in Friern Barnet which, as the crow flies, is not far from Hemel Hempstead. LUL Jazzy XXXXX

Donation by Jazzydacat Saint on 28/05/11


MANY love to Daisy, i love you Daisy we are with you , pure angel to support you With LOVE

Donation by @BRUXELLES777 on 27/05/11


Good luck with the walk and the fundraising. Lots of love to Daisy. #wlf #solidarity #nosurrender #lovefordaisy

Donation by @MrTibbsatAP of the #WLF on 27/05/11


Donation by @NemesisRepublic of the #WLF on 27/05/11


Good luck walkers! Well done to you all. We at the #wlf are yowling in support at 10pm tonight #lovefordaisy

Donation by @greeboblackcat of the #wlf on 27/05/11

Well done to Teckels and all the walkers and #lovefordaisy With you in spirit

Donation by @tiddlesfry of the #wlf on 27/05/11

Huge love to Daisy and the fine people taking care of her. Sorry I can't join you in the walk but will be thinking of you xx

Donation by Farah Baldwin on 27/05/11


Much love to Daisy and those who are caring for Big up to all those who are walking on Saturday too.

Donation by Barbara Roberts on 27/05/11


Hope that poor Daisy goes on to make a full recovery, good luck with the walk x

Donation by Helen on 25/05/11


sending big hugs and cuddles to daisy x x x

Donation by nichola berry on 25/05/11


Sending snuggles for poor little Daisy xx

Donation by L Kellett on 25/05/11


Well done to Teckels for doing such a wonderful job! Wishing Daisy and her owner all the best.

Donation by Chloe on 25/05/11


Such a worthy cause,such an horrific ordeal for Daisy,made me cry. Well done Laura for bringing it to our attention and collecting such a lot of cash

Donation by Angela Cooper on 25/05/11


Joan and the Teckels are superb and unique. Keep up the good work. Daisy, best wishes after your horrid ordeal. X

Donation by Grant Barnett on 24/05/11


Donation by Kelly Butler on 23/05/11


I hope the scum who did this rots, its just so shocking. Hope Daisy makes a full recovery soon.

Donation by andrea smith on 23/05/11


Best wishes

Donation by Rebecca Hill on 23/05/11



Donation by Linda on 23/05/11

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