24 April 2013

One week, 2 marathon, one species.

The Tiger conquered London Marathon this Sunday. Click here for the newest update and a few words from Paul.

18 April 2013

Tired, sore and a bit feverish, am paying for that personal best in Brighton. No matter, in the shape of things this week, I am in decent shape (sort of) for the big one in London.

Again thank you's for the support, again thank you's for the donations. 26.2 Sunday Morning, chocs away 10.00 AM, forecast sunny 14 degrees - time to take on the streets of London.

15 April 2013

One down, one to go. Click here to find out how the tiger tamed Brighton over the weekend.

12 April 2013

Forecast: Brighton, Sunday (Marathon Day) - 'Warm and sunny, hottest day of the year, peaking around 20/21 degrees. After the worst winter on record this is wonderful for anyone not running a marathon with a ten foot Bengal tiger on their back! This has just made a tough day even tougher, but no point crying about it.
Thank you so much to those who have donated, I look forward to seeing many of you on race day both on Sunday and in London on the 21st. Think I'm becoming allergic to pasta !


26 March 2013

Number's Up...
Brighton Race number  14 April  8069    
London Race number     21 April  39457

If you happen to be at either marathon you can plot my (slow) progress with these race numbers, there is some fancy computer chip attached to the running shoe which tells you where I am on the course and how many pedestrians are overtaking me.

Seriously training is painful as it should be for a fifty year old, but the cause is still strong. Some images on here of a six month old tiger cub taken last May in Bandhavgarh proving they can be born and thrive in the wild.

19 March 2013

Well it's happening, how could I sit at home on those two Sundays and watch on TV (Brighton Marathon covered this year on C4)? Ran 14 miles yesterday .... ouch. More importantly two weeks ago I was in India. The government there with their ludicrous regulations are not helping anyone but group still got moved to tears by some of the sightings.
They matter, what is more they are still dying hence the suit is going to make a few appearances.

Stripes and Spots

I’m off to hopefully see a few tigers and win a game of cricket but rather than fly home, the 30 degrees of Madhya Pradesh will be demoted to the minus twenty of Ladakh as I try (probably in vain) to see my first snow leopard. This has been a long time in the making and four days without any acclimatization is probably ill-advised, but it should be mesmerising with or without these long-tailed predators.

Oh by the way, talking of predators, the ten foot high suit is back out for Brighton (14 April) and London (21 April) – I may even do something in between! Worth More Alive IV.

I was shamed into running "why aren’t you doing anything this year Paul? It’s not like all the tigers are safe is it?"  My wife had a point.

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Friends of Conservation

Friends of Conservation

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Just back from Botswana - 7 leopard sightings in my last 24 hours, but not even one tiger - and didn't know you had competed. Well done.

Donation by Peter Lemon on 14/06/13


Sorry for the late donation. Congrats on completing another year and continuously inspiring others to make a difference.

Donation by SS Gargour on 31/05/13


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Good effort Paul. One of the girls in my office showed me a phone pic of you in your tiger suit (no it doesn't make your bum look big).

Donation by Alan Goodsell on 11/05/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Well done mate! Its admirable what you have done over the past few years - I hope that all this effort doesn't go unrewarded.

Donation by JOHN DROGAN on 08/05/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Well done. At least you've given us 365 days notice for the next Marathon(s).

Donation by Simon Judah on 04/05/13


+ £3.75 Gift Aid

Well done Paul - Looking forward to tigers and Cricket next year

Donation by Barry Chapman on 01/05/13


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 01/05/13


Well done Paul! From all your friends at Wanderlust.

Donation by Wanderlust Travel Magazine on 29/04/13


Well done.

Donation by Anna Gandola on 29/04/13


+ £17.50 Gift Aid

A fantastic achievement Paul, we couch potatoes salute you. I trust those tights will get an outing in South Georgia?

Donation by Jackie Freshfield on 29/04/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Congratulations Paul on another indisputably admirable effort for an essential cause.

Donation by NICHOLAS ERRINGTON on 28/04/13


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

Very inspirational, hope your legs are feeling better now and looking forward to their next challenge!

Donation by Melanie Constantino on 27/04/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Just back from India. With new park rules It is obvious that tigers need our help more than ever. Thanks Paul for all that you do for them. Mags x

Donation by Anonymous on 26/04/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Well done! Can't believe it you did both marathons! I must say it was i found them quiite and i was in a superwomen costume!!

Donation by Tareka, a fellow runner!! on 25/04/13


+ £3.75 Gift Aid

Well done Paul! Fantastic effort.

Donation by Karen Riddle on 25/04/13

Many congratulations! Fantastic effort that puts most of us to shame. See you on the Spitsbergen trip in July.

Donation by Helena Rowe on 24/04/13


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Well done Paul, the go fast leggings clearly worked!!

Donation by Julie Butler on 24/04/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Well done, Paul. See you in August...

Donation by Steve Underwood on 23/04/13


Congrats on completing both this year

Donation by Murrough O'Brien on 23/04/13


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Well done Paul, fantastic effort!

Donation by Tony, Fiona & the boys on 23/04/13


Donation by Charlotte Taylor on 23/04/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Well Done Paul you are a true Hero and Legend, all our love, the Fossies xxxx

Donation by GARETH FOSTER on 22/04/13

Paul, congratulations. Your aspirations (& perspirations) are our inspirations.

Donation by James Pinder on 22/04/13

Paul - very proud of you. Well done

Donation by Sarah Conway on 22/04/13


Well done again, you only do it for the ice bath !! see you in August

Donation by Peter & Grace Mason on 22/04/13


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

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