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Welcome to Yimby by JustGiving

How It Works

Use Yimby to help power the change you want to make. Here's how:

  • Easy
  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Crowd-powered
  • Democratic

It's easy to set up a project, easy to tell your story and easy for your supporters to pledge support.

Did we mention that it was easy?

Yimby is from the people behind JustGiving. We’ve been helping people raise money online for over 12 years. Millions of people have trusted us to get their money straight to good causes. So you're in safe hands.

Get donations and support from your friends and reach them using your favourite social networks. We get them to tell their friends, and their get the picture.

You have 30 days to hit your target, so you can run a focussed campaign, raise a rabble and not get distracted from changing the world. All in under a month.

The projects are all or nothing. If you hit your target, the money is paid to your bank account minus our 5% fee and card charges (that’s 1.3% or 16p per pledge depending on the card type). If you don't hit your target, no one is charged. But we'll do our best to help you get there.

In the Press

  • ITV
  • The Guardian
  • TechCrunch
  • Daily Mail
  • The Mirror

The Yimby Way

The six truths we hold are to be self-evident. Think of them as The Yimby Way.

We believe in...

In giving a damn

Each of us has a choice: walk away from things that need changing, or do something positive to make things better.

Good things happen when we work together

Yimby is the power of "we". By harnessing people power, we achieve more.

In the power of positive action

Action is the antidote to despair. It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

In doing it yesterday

Yimby is about everyday people making change happen, now. We’re impatient to make the world an ever-so-slightly better place.

In direct democracy

Yimby lets the people decide – if enough people support a project, it’ll happen; if they don’t, it won’t. It’s as simple as that.

In small acts of kindness

Big changes start small. Now everyone can help change the world one project at a time.