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It is the responsibility of every human being to aspire to do something worthwhile, to make this world a better place than the one he or she found.
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There is growing frustration in the community with those in poverty and already suffering from inequality fairing worse from the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation for those in this position is being strained further by a history of unfair access to services and opportunities. Without an outlet or the potential for HOPE, the future facing these families and young people is a real concern.

We believe that everyone is born with a desire to be loved, to belong and to achieve.

Our mission is to support and promote full social and financial inclusion.

We look to achieve this by supporting the study of natural human development for the purpose of unlocking human potential and creating positive societal development that is aligned with the planet in the process.

There is a real shift taking place in society right now - individuals are becoming much more aware of the interconnectedness of our individual daily lives and the world at large.

Despite all the wonders of modern technology, evidence shows that humans have an inherent need for human contact, One positive outcome from the COVID experience should be the an increased awareness of what is important in life and how much better we are as a society when we can care for one another.

Whilst some people haven't fully understood the far-reaching implications of the last 2 years many can testify to the impact the COVID situation has had on them personally and those around them.

Hopefully, the implications of this sustained interruption to daily life have made people realise how much we took for granted and raised our awareness of others less fortunate - whose daily lives pre COVD were already unacceptable in modern society and are now unsustainable.

If society is to successfully recover, we must do this together and in doing so we must look to genuinely build a better future. This can only happen if we provide a level playing field and ensure we support all parts of society equally with NO ONE LEFT BEHIND.

We have spent over a decade preparing a joined-up roadmap for young people in order to provide a holistic support service for their individual needs and aligns their natural interests and talents with opportunities and support.

In addition to matching individual interests and passions, the process promotes collaboration across and between all the sectors. The result brings together individuals and organizations in a new way - one that creates multiple opportunities and business efficiencies and ignites a pipeline of innovation all of which is aligned with the creation of large scale positive societal impact.

This process is being recognised and supported as being a potential solution for creating genuine large scale social change. One that puts the individual welfare at the heart of its operations and authentically supports its mission of FULL social and financial inclusion.

The implications of which can help individuals and communities with the following:

Reduce poverty

Reduce crime

Improve mental health and wellbeing

Improve education standards

Provide employment opportunities

Provide safe spaces

Support social mobility

Support Innovation and economic growth

This process is to be underpinned by a NEW social impact index designed to help policymakers understand the value of an individual citizens welfare and looks to inform future policymaking.


The new Index will incorporate input from a wide range of organisations and public figures. We are currently in the process of collecting research from charities and support organisations in addition to supporting an independent commission to research the issues facing young people growing up in today's society.

The independent commission is the Commission on Young Lives (COYL) - this is a year-long independent commission led by Anne Longfield CBE (previous English Children's Commissioner) sponsored by the Passion Project Foundation.


The first 2 of the 10 reports set to be published by the COYL were released on Dec 29th, 2021 and March 2nd 2022 - both of which have attracted significant media support. We will use this research to help inform our community activities, firstly in the UK in 2022, then the US and then internationally from 2023 onwards.

We must act now - politicians the world over cannot solve the current situation alone and neither can business - only a bottom-up collaborative approach or #A NEW CONVERSATION is going to help now.

By working together, we can help spark a groundswell of support for a collective approach to genuine LEVELLING UP or as we refer to it as the birth of real Conscious Capitalism #THE WAY FORWARD

If we are to make a real difference, we need your help NOW to scale our operations and inform more people of the power in unity.

We want to change the way the world measures success it needs to be based on real value, that being the value to society of having healthy and happy citizens who care for each other and the planet on which we live.

This shift towards a society that supports and nurtures its citizens and is not driven soley by outputs does not mean dependence on state welfare. By working together to provide real opportunities to all and assistance to help unlock individual potential we are building better communities and a more prosperous economy that will benefit us all.

This is not a new narrative we have been developing this process and promoting this philosophy for over 14 years, the only thing that has changed is that the world wasn't suffering then the way it is now.


Support the development of a crime reduction initiative designed to showcase a new approach to recidivism with the support of the UK Govt Ministry of Justice

Support the roll out of "Winning in the Game of Life" - a national values based early intervention initiative designed to help support the building of social skills and resilience in primary school children

Build a NEW Social Bank to bank the unbanked and underbanked

Launch a NEW Impact Index

Release a music track supported by industry recognised artists and celebrities to help raise awareness of our research activities

Continue to expand our Centre of Excellence academic team to support our International Development and open US office in NYC in Q3 2022.

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About the charity

The PPF is a fix for 0 - 25 living in the UK. We provide advice and assistance while facilitating life-changing programs to develop their resiliency, skills, and educational advancement. Unemployment, social welfare, financial and social inclusion, social impact, and lobbying are our change drivers

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