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About Patrick J. Anders

  • Born on: 31/05/1944

  • Died on: 23/05/2009 , 64 years old

  • Lived in: Longview, TX, United States

Amount we’ve raised in Patrick J.’s memory $2,000.59

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The National Museum of Computing

The National Museum of Computing

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  • Donation by David Anders

    This is the matching funds for goal of $1000


  • Donation by Tom Rini

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  • tnmoc-anders

    My father Patrick J. Anders, was a ardent supporter of education, science, and technology. His experience and guidance helped me get where I am today in the fast paced world of embedded computer systems. On a recent visit to the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, I was made aware of the desperate need for new shelves and storages bins to house the many replacement parts and one of kind technology items that help maintain our computing history such as the Harwell WITCH and the Colossus. With that in mind, I am starting a small fund raiser in my father's memory to provide funds directly to the National Museum of Computer for the purpose of purchasing new shelves and storage bins. For every dollar donated, up to $1000, i will match one for one. Please help me support the continued efforts of the National Museum of computing to maintain and display important artifacts of our shared computing history.

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Donations made in memory of Patrick J. Anders21

  • Donation by David Andersto David's page on 26/02/2015

    This is the matching funds for goal of $1000


  • Donation by Tom Rinito David's page on 24/02/2015

  • Donation by Matt Ranostayto David's page on 23/02/2015


  • Donation by The Plague is my Heroto David's page on 23/02/2015



  • Donation by Russto David's page on 23/02/2015

    Maybe one more to push it over the top!


  • Donation by Alison Chaikento David's page on 23/02/2015

    Dave, thanks for your hard work in saving our heritage from creeping discussion. And can I have the old bins if you're throwing them away?


  • Donation by Denys Dmytriyenkoto David's page on 18/02/2015


  • Donation by av500to David's page on 17/02/2015

    can we buy some resisors from the money?


  • Donation by K.Kellerto David's page on 17/02/2015

    "If students get a sound education in the history, social effects and psychological biases of technology, they may grow to be adults who use technology rather than be used by it." Neil Postman


  • Donation by Koen Kooito David's page on 17/02/2015


  • Donation by Scott Murrayto David's page on 15/02/2015


  • Donation by John 'Warthog9' Hawleyto David's page on 15/02/2015

    Remind them they need extra bins for the resisors


  • Donation by Tim Orlingto David's page on 13/02/2015

    Thank you helping remind us of where we've been and how far we have come!


  • Donation by Andrew Fustinito David's page on 13/02/2015

    Thanks for raising awareness of Computing History


  • Donation by Philip Balisterto David's page on 13/02/2015

    Dave, thanks for all you do.


  • Donation by Behan Websterto David's page on 13/02/2015

    I'm looking forward to visiting Bletchley Park.


  • Donation by Karim Yaghmourto David's page on 13/02/2015

    Hope this helps

  • Donation by Jack Mitchellto David's page on 13/02/2015


    + £3.75 Gift Aid

  • Donation by Matt Porterto David's page on 13/02/2015

    I'm looking forward to visiting Bletchley Park some day. “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” ― Winston S. Churchill


  • Donation by Anonymousto David's page on 13/02/2015


  • Donation by George M McCollisterto David's page on 13/02/2015

    I hope to take my sons to Bletchley one day.


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  • The National Museum of Computing

    The National Museum of Computing

    The charity operates The National Museum of Computing based at Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes. The museum, which is open to visitors and researchers, catalogs the development of computing primarily in the UK. It operates regular school visits.

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