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    We raised £16,550 to reunite a family

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    We raised £13,114 for Ollie

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    We raised £1,600 to produce our film

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    We raised £1,425 for vet bills

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    We raised £2,505 for Derry

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"My involvement with JustGiving has been an all-round wonderful experience! Very grateful for its existence."
R Little
Raised £4,355 with 45 supporters
"Thank you JustGiving, without you I wouldn't have been able to help my friend."
Sharon Croy
Raised £16,550 with 463 supporters
"What an amazing site! I raised my target in the space of 3 hours!!"
Ash Morris
Raised £1,600 with 22 supporters

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Frequently asked questions

What can I raise money for?

In short, anything that has a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the environment.

Most people use JustGiving Crowdfunding to help a friend in need. Not sure if itʼs for you?

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What happens if I donʼt hit my target?

If you donʼt hit your target youʼll still receive any funds you raised (minus some small fees), so you can still make good things happen.

Our data shows that pages with targets raise more than those without, so itʼs good to have something to aim for.

Can I change my page duration?

A shorter time limit keeps up the momentum and thatʼs why pages have an initial duration of 120 days.

Once your page is active you can extend it up to 1 year if you prefer.