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About Harry Mccall

  • Born on: 15/06/2002

  • Died on: 27/08/2009 , 7 years old

  • Lived in: Coventry, United Kingdom

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Children with Cancer UK

Children with Cancer UK

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  • Donation by Georgina Simpson

    Good luck Graham x


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  • Donation by Laura Brown

    Proud of you Dad, wonderful cause xx


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  • tracy-harry

    Harry was diagnosed with Leukeamia February 2007 aged 4, after suffering with varying symptons since October 2006 which resulted in an operation to his elbow the day before Leukeamia was diagnosed, due to the associated pain. Harry was put onto a three year treatment protocol for low risk Leukeamia. We were told he would then be cured. After his first year of treatment, which was aggressive and invasive, his central lines were removed. It became apparent all was not well and by June 2008 Harry was receiving regular blood transfusions. It was confirmed in October 2008 that Harry had relapsed and we had to become inpatients so Harry could be put onto a treatment protocol for relapsed ALL where he had to undergo 3 months of intensive chemotherapy, radiotherapy twice a day for a week under general anaethsetic and into isolation for a bone marrow transplant. We were informed that an error had been made at diagnosis where one of Harrys chromosomes was misidentified which led them to believe he had low risk Leukeamia, but he actually had high risk Leukeamia. Harry was discharged April 2009 to be isolated at home until his immune system recovered. Sadly, Harry relapsed again July 2009 and passed away 27th August 2009. Harry was a very loving, affectionate child, who fought his illness with the courage and determination I had never seen. He said to me whilst isolated "They thought they,d make me ill, didn,t they mum? They won,t make me ill!" He amazed everyone with the way he handled the treatment and never lost his sense of humour or fun. He was extremely creative and spent hours daily creating and drawing. His illness angered him and he was very vocal during some of his treatment..he knew what he did and didn,t want! Harry was my life, my soul mate, my biggest love and my only child. Leukeamia is the most common form of childhood cancer (even though it is still rare) and low risk Leukeamia has a very high cure rate. High risk Leukeamia means a much more aggressive treatment protocol and even though only a small percentage of children are diagnosed high risk, more research is needed into a more effective and kinder treatment for all types. Your donations, no matter how small, will help fund this research. No child should have to go through what Harry and many more have, and with your help we can fight this disease. Harry touched the hearts of many and his memory will live on. THANKYOU for your much needed help.

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  • Donation by Georgina Simpsonto Tracy's page on 03/09/2017

    Good luck Graham x


    + £1.25 Gift Aid

  • Donation by Laura Brownto Tracy's page on 14/07/2017

    Proud of you Dad, wonderful cause xx


    + £2.50 Gift Aid

  • Donation by Sarah Ashto Tracy's page on 11/07/2017

    Good luck Dad and the rest of the team, such a great cause but such a sad story. Wish you all the best love Sarah, John, Alicia and Emily xx


    + £5.00 Gift Aid

  • Donation by tracy kellyto Tracy's page on 15/09/2012


    + £125.00 Gift Aid

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  • Children with Cancer UK

    Children with Cancer UK

    At Children with Cancer UK we actively raise and invest money for vital specialist research to save the lives of every child with cancer and keep their family together.

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