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    The CJD Support Network

    The CJD Support Network

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    • Donation by Jordan Francke

      Good luck John, go and smash it!!! Love from all of us xxx


      + £7.50 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Jo Willett

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    • 28Apr

      London Marathon 2019

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    • JohnBarrett-LondonMarathon2019

      I’m running the London Marathon on 28th April 2019!

      Though this will be my 3rd London and my 5th Marathon, it's 7 years since my last run at this crazy it'll be tough!

      But, I’m doing this for a great cause, it is with much sadness that my wife lost a truly wonderful person, her sister Catherine, who very sadly became ill with Sporadic CJD, only diagnosed last year and just
      51 years old. Leaving her Dear Husband, 2 wonderful sons, a Dear Brother, my Dear wife and Cath's Dear Sister now in Oz and of course many friends and other family, devastated.

      It was so painful seeing her suffer and the family suffer, with this quite devastating illness, it was truly heart-breaking. Catherine and the family battled til the last, when she sadly could hold on no more. But she left us with such dignity and grace, it was peaceful, with the family there with her.

      I'm so sad just writing this, but happy that her suffering is no more, and she is now at peace.

      With the cause unknown for this form of CJD, there desperately needs research done and ongoing support for sufferers, family, friends, anyone
      connected with this dreadful illness. The CJD Support network offers this much needed support network. So, for me and all who knew Catherine, I’ve no hesitation trying to raise money for this very worthwhile Charity

      Hoping that one day their help (your help) can find a cure, but even until then give the much-needed support sufferers and family need at this very traumatic time in their lives.

      {For more about The CJD Support Network pls click here}>

      Your donation will help The CJD Support Network continue supporting sufferers and their families & increase public and medical awareness. Funds raised also go towards promoting research and to help sufferers and their families with financial help.

      Please give generously, so that Dear Catherine's death to this illness is not in vain and with your help the number of case will reduce with improved research and until then help will continue to be available for those who need it.

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    • Donation by Jordan Francketo John's page on 26/03/2019

      Good luck John, go and smash it!!! Love from all of us xxx


      + £7.50 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Jo Willettto John's page on 24/03/2019

    • Donation by Anonymousto John's page on 21/03/2019

      Hoping this little known but incredibly cruel disease will one day have a cure.

    • Donation by Caroline Meredithto John's page on 03/03/2019

      Such a worthy cause, I lost my Brother to CJD last year so understand how devasting it is, my thoughts are with you and your family.. good luck on your run, I’m sure you will smash it !!!!


      + £2.50 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Anonymousto John's page on 12/02/2019

      Good Luck John Barrett 👍


      + £0.00 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Anonymousto John's page on 22/01/2019

      Wishing you all the best!


      + £2.50 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Andrew Cravento John's page on 12/01/2019

      Best of luck John , I take my hat off to you running that far - an excellent cause


      + £0.00 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Jento John's page on 12/01/2019

      Thank you so much to my lovely hubby for running the London Marathon in memory of my beautiful sister Catherine who I miss so much. Xxx


      + £0.00 Gift Aid

    • Donation by CLAIRE MICALLEFto John's page on 11/01/2019


      + £1.25 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Grainne, Neil, Ben & Jamesto John's page on 11/01/2019

      Best of luck!


      + £7.50 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Nigel Francketo John's page on 11/01/2019

      In loving memory of my gorgeous wife Cathy. Thanks John Barrett and good luck


      + £0.00 Gift Aid

    Charities we're helping 1

    • The CJD Support Network

      The CJD Support Network

      The CJD Support Network offers advice, information and support for patients, carers and professionals who are involved in any form of suspected or confirmed CJD. Additionally it offers emotional and practical support; disseminates new information as research develops and offers advice for those who may be deemed at risk.

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      • 28Apr

        London Marathon 2019

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