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    The Lewy Body Society

    The Lewy Body Society

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    • Donation by Terri Newcombe

      Keep up the good work. You are an amazing friend to Ann and to everyone. Xx

    • Donation by Jan Chapman


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    • Alison-Webster5

      Ann was diagnosed with dementia with Lewy Bodies in August 2016 but had been suffering with the initial symptoms for a couple of years prior to this. She was also told that, as her disease progressed, she would develop Parkinson's. 

      It has been very sad to watch our friend's physical and mental health deteriorate. She struggled to grasp the simplest of tasks and was easily upset and frustrated with herself because she could not understand. As is common with Lewy Body, she had visual hallucinations and could become quite frightened and confused at times. Unfortunately, there is no effective medication that can be given to help with these.

      Ann stayed in the home that she loved in Oare for as long as possible with the help of carers and friends, until June 2017 when she went into  Kimberley Care Home in Herne Bay for respite care. She got on very well in the home and decided to stay. It was the right decision for her and it is pleasing to know that she was still well enough at that time to make this decision for herself. 

      Over the past year, Ann's health deteriorated to the point where she was bed bound and non-communicative. She was well cared for by the staff in the care home and I am told that she was one of their favourite residents. Ann was not alone when she passed away.

      Ann was a wonderful lady who was gentle, kind, generous and fun-loving.  She had a full, active life and enjoyed it to the max! She went on lots of fantastic holidays and was generous enough to share some of those experiences with her friends. She was always first to help someone in need with kind words and thoughtful advice. She will be greatly missed by all of her friends. I am sure we all have fond memories of times that we spent with Ann. Please feel free to write about your memories on this page, it would be lovely to gather some stories. 

      Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) is the second most common cause of dementia in older people, accounting for approximately 130,000 individuals in the UK and affecting the lives of their carers and families as well. 

      People with DLB characteristically experience dramatic swings in their level of alertness, fluctuating from clarity to confusion, often in a short period of time. Visual hallucinations are common in DLB, typically of people and animals, which are vivid. Although they may have other Parkinsonian symptoms, the tremor associated with PD is not always present. Because DLB, AD and PD share so many symptoms, diagnosis of DLB can be difficult and requires an experienced specialist e.g. in old age psychiatry or neurology. Accurate diagnosis is essential for successful treatment.

      One of the main objectives of the Lewy Body Society is to fund clinical research, to help understand the causes of Lewy body dementia, and further advance the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. It has funded projects since 2007 and worked with some of the top universities in the UK.

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    Donations made in memory of Ann Hadaway19

    • Donation by Terri Newcombeto Alison's page on 16/02/2019

      Keep up the good work. You are an amazing friend to Ann and to everyone. Xx

    • Donation by Jan Chapmanto Alison's page on 15/02/2019


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    • Donation by Jill Hentonto Alison's page on 15/02/2019

      Ann was a very supportive and loyal friend; thoughtful, wise and always fair. I shall remember her with great affection.


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    • Donation by Carolyn Smithto Alison's page on 15/02/2019


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    • Donation by Jean Hudsonto Alison's page on 30/01/2019

    • Donation by Roxanne Devineto Alison's page on 30/01/2019

      I was lucky to have worked with such a lovely lady who will be remembered and missed very much xxx

    • Donation by Antoinette Groomto Alison's page on 28/01/2019

      John and I remember Ann with great fondness. Her smile was indeed infectious.

    • Donation by Kent Business Schoolto Alison's page on 24/01/2019

      Dear Ann A much regarded member of the Kent Business School who worked as the School Secretary for many years. A kind natured colleague and friend who will be missed.


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    • Donation by Rita Hooperto Alison's page on 21/01/2019

      Ann was a bright light in my life; gentleness, kindness and generosity all rolled into one. I love you, Ann. Always will.


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    • Donation by Gov Claytonto Alison's page on 20/01/2019

      Ann was a sweet, kind and gentle a person as you could ever meet. I'll always remember the excitement when she told stories of her various trips, and her little laugh when I tried to flirt with her!


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    • Donation by Jane O'Mahonyto Alison's page on 17/01/2019

      A shining light. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam.

    • Donation by Gemma Chapmanto Alison's page on 17/01/2019

      I have such lovely memories of working with Ann in Pol & IR. Such a wonderful lady, you will be missed. xxx


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    • Donation by Nicola Huxtableto Alison's page on 17/01/2019

      I'm so lucky that my life was touched by Ann. A more caring, kind and generous friend you could not find. I will miss her wonderful intoxicating smile, her sense of humour and her lust for life.

    • Donation by Paolo Dardanellito Alison's page on 17/01/2019


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    • Donation by Gerard Tappendento Alison's page on 15/01/2019

      In memory of a good friend, always there with advice, support and a kind word


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    • Donation by Yasmin ghandourto Alison's page on 15/01/2019

      I have such fond memories of Ann, she was a gentle, sweet, kind person Love Yasmin x


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    • Donation by Robert Chapmanto Alison's page on 14/01/2019


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    • Donation by Suzanne Westheadto Alison's page on 14/01/2019

      For a wonderful colleague


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    • Donation by Andrew Thomsonto Alison's page on 13/01/2019

      In memory of my good friend Ann - and memories of shared times with her and Jeff

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    • The Lewy Body Society

      The Lewy Body Society

      Lewy body dementia is the second most common cause of age-related dementia, affecting around 130,000 people in the UK. We raise awareness of the disease, provide information to patients and carers, and fund research so that in future it can be more easily diagnosed and treated.

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