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Charity Cycle Adventure 2015 TEAM

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The 6th annual Charity Cycle Adventure will take place from 27-29 November 2015, raising money for disadvantaged children in Vietnam. This year’s Adventure is a real challenge for any rider. The team will ride through the amazing landscapes of the Central Highlands from Buon Me Thuot to Da Lat, the former French-colonial resort town, before feeling the breeze in their faces on the long descent to the sea at Nha Trang. Many passes and mountains will need to be overcome along the way, so this year’s riders will be Kings and Queens of the Mountains!

The three-day, 300km ride starts from Buon Me Thuot, cycling off-road throughethnic minority villages, following the rivers and passing scenic coffee plantations before reaching beautiful Lak Lake in the afternoon. From here, the big second day will see the riders confront many uphill challenges on the climb up to,and around,Da Lat at an elevation of 1500m.

Day threewill see the team drop down through the mountains to Nha Trang for a ride along the scenic coastal roads, promising a variety of breathtaking landscape on the way, as well as a 2000m pass! Beautiful coast and beach will welcome the riders at the finish line, where team celebrations will replace sore legs and sun-burnt necks with a real sense of achievement.

Each rider, in addition to a registration fee which covers all ride costs, is asked to get their family, friends and network behind them and raise a minimum of US$500 which will go directly to support the children that we work with at SCC.

The money raised will play a vital role in helping to achieve SCC’s vision to eliminate poverty through education, helping to provide life changing educational opportunities for disadvantaged children through scholarships, building schools or vocational training.Five previous CCA rides have raised over $200,000 for SCC. To support and sponsor one of the riders, please donate on one of the individual rider pages below.

To register to ride, please contact our Team Leader Tom Duncan at Cell: 0902 845 859, or Ms. Minh SCC at Tel: 3930 3502 ext:107

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Raised: 90%

Team target: $50,000.00

Raised so far: $45,046.41

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A Chance To Help

General and Offline Donations

0 donations



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Alvin Yap

Alvin's Saigon Children Charity Bike Ride 2015

7 donations



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Andrew McNamara

Andrew's Saigon Childrens Charity ride 2015 - King of the Mountains!

25 donations



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Chris Evans

Buon Me Thuot : Da Lat : Nha Trang. November 27th to 29th 2015.

22 donations



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Chris Leahy

Chris' Saigon Children's Charity Cycle Ride 2015

11 donations



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Claudius Rüegsegger

Claudius's Charity Cycle Adventure 2015

12 donations



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Dung and David Appleton

Dung and David's give a child an education cycle ride 2015

18 donations



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Giles Krempels

Giles's Giles' SCC Cycle Ride 2015

21 donations



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Ian Roberts

Ian's Saigon Children's Charity cycle ride 2015

35 donations



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Jamie Rossall

Jamie's 6th Annual Charity Cycle Adventure page. Go On..Make a Donation!!

17 donations



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Kate Pattamanivat

Kate's Kate SCC 300KM Cycle Ride 2015

8 donations



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Kevin Hornblower

Kevin's Saigon Childrens Challenge 27th Nov-30th Nov bicycle ride

11 donations



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Ly Nguyen

300km Cycling to help disadvantaged children

28 donations



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Ly Phan

Ly's SCC Cycle Ride 2015 - Let's support disadvantaged children today!

4 donations



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Paul Rowe

Paul's SSC Bike Ride 2015

3 donations



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Phil Worthington

Giving Kids a Better Life

20 donations



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Rahul Parrab

Rahul's SCC Charity Cycle Adventure - Da Lat to Nha Trang

23 donations



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Richard Burrage

Help change a child's life, sponsor me

46 donations



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Tim Mullett

Sponsor me to help disadvantaged children get a better education

26 donations



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Tom Duncan

Tom's SCC Cycle Charity Event 2015

28 donations



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Vaughan Ryan

Vaughan's Saigon Children's Charity Bike Ride 2015

45 donations



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