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Corporal Lloyd Newell, Lloydy was fatally wounded whilst on operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan on 16th June 2011. Lloydy is my darling little brother, my hero, a hero and an inspiration to so many. He is a wonderful Husband and a Father to a beautiful daughter. He loved his job, and made the ultimate sacrifice doing it. His passing has left an enormous hole in the lifes and hearts of all who know him.

As a tribute to my brother, myself and 17 friends, John Middleton, Garf Stock, Craig Ford, Jono Twohey, Kieron Browne, Paul Cole, Gaz Brook, James Davison, Andrew Cooper, Pete Johnson, Adam Allegri, Chris Walker, John Banks, Oliver Stross, Andy Tucker, Chris Abbott & Stephen Elliott are training to complete the Paras'10 P Coy Challenge on 9th September 2012 in Catterick and some of us are also taking part in the 2nd event in Colchester 6 weeks later on 21st October. The race is 10 miles of sheer endurance, carrying 16kg in a bergen whilst wearing military boots. We are aiming to complete the course in the 1 hr 50 and raise as much money as we possibly can for 'The Parachute Regiment Charity', 'Help for Heroes' and for my darling Nieces Trust.

So please dig deep, donate and celebrate a true hero.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Justgiving Page and helping to keep my brothers memory alive.

Visit our blog to see how we're getting on with our training:


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Raised: 225%

Team target: £4,000.00

Raised so far: £8,981.64

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Karl Rushen

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Jonathan Twohey

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Craig Ford

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Gareth Brook

Cpl Lloyd Newell_The Para Charity

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John Middleton

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Gareth Stock

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Adam Allegri

Para's 10 - Adam Allegri

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Oliver Stross

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John Banks

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Kieron Browne

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