Cost-of-living crisis support for charities

Resources, tools, research, and inspiration for charity fundraising during the cost-of-living crisis.

Cost of Living Charity Resources

People haven’t stopped supporting the causes they love.

In fact, online giving via JustGiving has grown by 8% year over year. On this page, see the most important reasons you should continue fundraising through the cost-of-living crisis. Plus, find cost-of-living news, research, resources, and helpful tools to move your charity team and supporters forward.

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justgiving stats

Cost of living crisis statistics

It may be more difficult for people to donate money, but the cost of living support for residents and charities has been extraordinary and continues to grow.

Nearly £13 million raised

Almost £13 million has been donated through JustGiving fundraising pages since the start of 2022.

30,000+ pages created

People have launched over 30,000 fundraising and appeal pages on JustGiving specifically for cost-of-living support since the start of 2022.

1600% increase

We’ve seen a 1600% increase in cost-of-living related donations on JustGiving.

24% of people

are considering fundraising to help others during the cost-of-living crisis.


Cost-of-living crisis resources for charities

Your charity can take action and move through the cost-of-living crisis with confidence. Find our best tips, advice, and resources for charities.

How to Build a Resilient Fundraising Strategy Through the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Actionable steps for how your charity can handle the coming months.

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5 Tips for Boosting Your Donations During the Cost-of-Living Crisis

The best ways to continue gaining support during the cost-of-living crisis.

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Charities Communicating about the Cost-of-Living Crisis

See how some charities are communicating and offering support.

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6 Winter Fundraising Pro Tips

Learn how to build closer relationships with supporters during the winter months.

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How to Help People Struggling During the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Resources your supporters can access to learn to fundraise and help others.

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UK Government Resource Centre

Find out what government support is available to help with the cost of living.

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Cost-of-living crisis fundraising campaigns

It’s okay to ask your supporters for help. Check out these examples of charities responding to the cost-of-living crisis.

Winter Fundraising Campaign

The Trussell Trust

A campaign to help 1,300 local food banks in communities across the UK manage increased costs and community needs.

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Cost of Living Crisis Campaign

Brighton & Hove Citizens Advice Bureau

A local appeal to help people in poverty in Brighton and Hove with their food and fuel costs through vouchers, food parcels, and low energy items like electric blankets and slow cookers.

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Cost-of-living crisis fundraising tools

Use these charity fundraising tools to help you raise more money and reach more people during the cost-of-living crisis.

Giving Checkout

Our simple and dynamic donation form is 4.7x more effective.

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Campaign Pages

Launch a fundraising campaign or appeal in minutes.

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Donate Buttons & Widgets

Embed a donate button and other widgets on your website.

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QR Codes

Give people an easy way to donate online or in-person.

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JustGiving Essentials Webinar

Learn to use your JustGiving account to its full potential.

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Winter 2022 Fundraising Toolkit

Successfully fundraise through winter with our new guide.

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Cost-of-living crisis news

Resources and news from across the sector about what the cost-of-living crisis means for charities.

Thousands of Fundraising Pages Set Up to Help with Cost-of-Living Crisis

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Findings on How the Cost-of-Living Crisis Will Affect Individual Giving

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GOOD Spotlight on Cost-of-Living Crisis

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Citizens Advice Cost-of-Living Dashboard

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How the Cost-of-Living Crisis Will Affect Digital Inclusion

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Cost-of-Living Squeeze Hits Charity Sector

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How is the Cost-of-Living Crisis Affecting Charities in the UK?

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6 Charts Highlighting Charity Challenges in the Cost-of-Living Crisis

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Cost-of-Living Crisis Hits Charity Sector Hard

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How Charities are Responding to the Cost-of-Living Crisis

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Resources from The Chartered Institute of Fundraising, the UK’s professional fundraising membership body.

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Resources from NCVO, the membership community for charities and other community groups in England.

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Fundraising Chat

Facebook Group for career fundraisers about fundraising issues and best-practices.

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Employee Care

Financial guidance from The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development to help you care for your team.

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UK Government

Government support to help with the cost of living.

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Resources from the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations.

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Frequently asked cost-of-living questions

While some donors may prioritise charities serving the most vulnerable, others will continue to give generously, especially to the causes closest to their heart and near their homes.

We recommend The Cost of Giving: what the public REALLY thinks for more research on how individual giving will be impacted by the cost-of-living crisis.

While the cost-of-living crisis may affect how much money people donate, you may be needed now more than ever.

YouGov reports that 76% of people agree that relevant charities should be providing help and support to those who are most affected by the cost-of-living crisis.

It’s important to be sensitive to supporters who may be directly affected.

We recommend Charities Communicating About the Cost-of-Living Crisis for best practices and examples of how charities have communicated their services and impact.

The cost-of-living crisis is causing supporters to change to the way they spend money, which will impact charity giving.

We recommend Cost-of-living squeeze hits donations to charity sector for more on how spending habits may change and various ways you can ask for help.